World Food Day 2015: Food Security

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World Food Day is celebrated on April 7th, the anniversary of the establishment of World Health Organization. This year’s Day was celebrated under the slogan of “Food Security”. The Day provided an opportunity to remember and emphasize the role which each of us plays in order to ensure global security with regard to food provision.

Food security and food safety

What is the difference between food security and safety? The latter category refers to public health and concerns activities which aim at providing consumers with protection against food poisoning and diseases which might be contracted when consuming contaminated foodstuffs. This is really important, as unsafe food could lead to serious health problems (first cases of contracting Ebola virus were closely linked to contaminated meat coming from wild animals). Food safety is thus a condition of ensuring food security, which is first of all the result of solutions in the political, economic and social spheres of life.

Key matters

A few facts about food safety are worth mentioning. First of all, food which is safe and provides adequate quantity of nutrients is of crucial importance to our health and life. Unsafe food might cause 200 kinds of disorders, from diarrhea to cancer. It is estimated that each year about 2 million people, many of whom are children, die of diarrhea caused by bacteria present in food and water.

The growing global population poses immense challenges concerning food safety. Climate change constitutes an important factor, as the rising average temperature in the world generates additional threats connected with food production, storage and distribution.

Importance for the economy

World Food Day 2015 was a good moment to make the governments, producers, wholesalers and the society realize the importance of food safety. Such threats as diseases contracted via contaminated food hamper social and economic growth, as they are a burden for the health care systems and incur losses for the national economies. Consequently, cooperation between the above-mentioned entities is of great importance.