Why sustainable food systems need to be built

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Building efficient food systems may facilitate fertilization process substantially, as well as foster the transfer of knowledge and know-how between farmers in the world. National authorities need to strive towards more efficient use of natural resources, so as to boost food production efficiency.

Food waste and loss – the main problem in the world

According to the ministers of agriculture of G20 nations, preventing food loss and waste has become one of key global problems, and finding solutions is of fundamental importance with regard to economy, the environment, the society and culture.

About 1/3 of the food produced worldwide – 1.3 billion tonnes per year – goes to waste. The most waste is generated by food which spoils before reaching the final stage of processing or in retail chains, when food fails to be sold. The scale of the problem is serious because of inappropriate use of food. We must reinstate the crucial role of food as means of providing the necessary nutrients to the body.

Improving availability and taking care of distribution

The G20 agriculture ministers met in Istanbul in May 2015 to discuss the global demand for food and food security, keeping in mind that almost 10 billion people are expected to inhabit the world by 2015. If nutrients for the growing population are to be provided, global food resources need to grow by 60%!

Famine affects about 800 million people at present, and about 2 billion people suffer from micronutrient deficiency. At the same time, the middle-income nations struggle with obesity, also in children and teens.

Adequate nutrition conditions human development

Governments ought to aim at creating robust and efficient food systems. Production needs to be taken care of by improving food processing, distribution and sale procedures as well as consumption habits. Thanks to tangible efforts of this kind, food reserves can be produced. Also, mechanisms can be created so that agricultural laborers can find employment and gain remuneration which matches their effort and skills.