What determines food security in Poland and the world?

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Food security is one of the chief challenges for agriculture and the fertilizer-chemical industry. What does the term mean in practice, from the global as well as the Polish perspective? You may find the answers in “25 years of Polish agriculture. Food security in Europe” Report.

Three key elements

Food security is dependent on a number of factors, but three deserve a particular mention. The price of food is of crucial importance, as it determines whether all households may afford food. Physical accessibility is another issue, dependent on the economy being able to guarantee covering the basic food demand of the population. Last but not least, food safety refers to the nutritional value of food, its impact on human health, energy provision for the body and the influence on the natural environment.

Global food challenges

The ever-increasing demand for food is a constant. In the USA and Europe food security is high despite this fact, but in African and Asian countries food provision is far from secure. Seeing that the population of the world continues to rise, it is obvious that agricultural technology needs to move on. This constitutes a challenge for fertilizer manufacturers, whose activity has a direct impact on crop efficiency.

Poland has improved its position in the ranking

The country has reached a higher rank in Global Food Security Index, eliciting some optimistic comments. There remain areas, however, which need to be improved in the years to come. R&D is of particular importance, as it leads to the development of agriculture and helps to increase food security in Poland.