We can do more as a Group

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On the 14th November 2012 “PUŁAWY” Company and Nitrates Works in Tarnów signed a consolidation agreement. As a result, both companies are now functioning under a common brand ‘Grupa Azoty’ and aspiring to be even more attractive for investors as well as even more powerful on the international markets.

Reducing cost and maximizing results

Owing to the merger of the two companies, a number of benefits regarding common use of resources and assets may be enumerated. Firstly, synergistic effect brings cutting cost and reducing the complexity of logistical operations. Common purchasing policy and reorganization of transportation and stock holding will lead to limiting expenses. The savings may be used for investment projects.

A wider portfolio

Following the joining of companies’ manufacturing powers, “PUŁAWY” and “Azoty Tarnów” received an opportunity to generate marked increase in the output of ammonia, nitric acid and fertilizers. Consequently, the whole Azoty Group will offer a broad range of products and become more valuable as a public company.

The power of growing together

Merging the potential of “PUŁAWY” Company and “Azoty Tarnów” is first of all meant to increase the value of the Group on global markets. Another goal is constant development of the value of the brand, while at the same time respecting the rules of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. Consolidation in those areas makes it possible for the Group to become competitive on international markets.