Visegrád Group betting on biofuel

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At the latest meeting held in Szekszárd, the representatives of Polish, Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian Chambers of Agriculture signed a joint document concerning biofuel.

The chief element of the agreement is an appeal to EU decision makers to support the production of plant-based biofuel. The explanation of the appeal is straightforward – taken together, Visegrad Group countries are estimated to be able to manufacture 8 billion liters of biofuel per year. This quantity would cover 1% of the EU demand for such fuel.

Using biofuel involves diversification of the sources of supply, which boosts energy supply safety. The second argument is protecting the natural environment. Another benefit of support for biofuel is decreasing the volume of imports of soy-based fodder to the EU, even by one fifth. The quantity of GMO-free and antibiotics-free feeding stuff which is the by-product of biofuel manufacturing is estimated at 5 million tonnes annually.