Ukraine to buy more fertilizers

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The Ukrainian Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food has announced that 661,000 tonnes of nitrogen-based fertilizers have been put in stock before the spring season of work on the farms. The quantity exceeds 60% of the annual market demand, which means that fertilizers market will grow by 10% in comparison with 2013.

Available does not mean affordable

Despite the provision of a considerable supply of nitrogen-based fertilizers, the product remains far from cheap. Domestic manufacturers sell a ton of the product for c. 3.300 UAH, but the retail price soars to 3400 – 3800 UAH, which is far too much for many farmers to afford.

Support for the farmers

This is why the Ukrainian government is planning to take measures to control the prices of the most popular nitrogen-based fertilizers. This task could be delegated to local authorities. Another solution under consideration is direct distribution of fertilizers by the state Agricultural Fund to the farms.