Two Riversides Festival in Kazimierz Dolny

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For a week in early August, the town of Kazimierz Dolny became the “Polish Capital of Culture” thanks to Two Riversides Festival, an event which has already achieved legendary status.

The origins of the name

The Festival, whose 10th edition was organized in 2015, takes the name from the notion of connecting two towns situated on opposite riverbanks. The first town, Kazimierz Dolny, is famous for the picturesque countryside and stunning architecture, while Janowiec is known for the 14th country Gothic church and a Baroque castle.

The idea of the Festival

The event was established to pay tribute to the 10th Muse, the cinema. Over the nine days of the Festival, it was possible to attend numerous screenings of films that would be difficult to find in an average commercial cinema. At the same time, the audience which came to Kazimierz Dolny was able to participate in concerts, theatrical shows, and meetings with authors, writers and artists. During the festival, such stars as Jerzy Stuhr, Ewa Ewart, Olaf Lubaszenko, Jan Englert and many others met their audience.

Unique atmosphere

Interdisciplinary approach to the cinematic art and the presence of people from the creative circles contributed to the unforgettable atmosphere of the Festival. The red carpet, a must at other events, was replaced with a festival café which served as a place where opinions and ideas were exchanged, and fans had the opportunity to speak to their favorite artists.

Supporting culture

Financing festivals of this kind is more than necessary. After all, they shape the brand of the region on a European scale, support independent artists and enable the audience to watch off-cinema films. Grupa Azoty is therefore enthusiastic about getting involved in art events of this kind.