Trees for bottles

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On May 10th the final of “A Tree for a Bottle” competition was organized in Puławy Science and Technology Park. It was the 9th edition of the event organized by Azoty Group PUŁAWY. Over 700,000 PET bottles had been collected, which meant that 211 new trees could be planted this year. If all editions of the competition are taken into consideration, over 2 thousand trees have already been planted in Puławy district.

The youth protect the environment

As in the previous year, the competition was targeted at primary school pupils from Puławy district. 1,664 kids from 15 schools participated in “A Tree for a Bottle”, collecting an average of 497.4 bottles per person. Groups and pupils with the best results received prizes and gifts sponsored by the organizers. This year the best result was achieved by Krystian Pyra from Gołąb Primary School. He collected as many as 49,500 bottles. He thus raised the stakes in the competition, beating Arkadiusz Grądziel, who collected 46,453 bottles in 2012.

Together for “A Tree for a Bottle”

This year’s competition, apart from Azoty Group PUŁAWY acting as a representative of Responsible Care Program, was organized by District Office in Puławy and Department of Communal Services in Puławy. PET containers were collected not only by the pupils, but also their families and friends, which made it possible to involve local communities to participate.