The title “Modernization of the Year” for ZA PULAWY

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We are proud to announce another award for our company. During the sixteenth edition of the “Modernization of the Year” competition in the category of industrial – engineering facilities, Pulawy Company received the award for the modernization of the urea installation.


The purpose of the “Modernization of the Year” competition is to identify and reward such construction projects, which can be distinguished among others due to special effects.

However, the competition is not open to newly constructed facilities. In this year’s competition, more than 900 objects were reported. 104 objects qualified to the second stage and all of them were visited by the jury.


Results announcement and awards ceremony was held on 29 August 2012 at the Royal Castle in Warsaw. The award was received on behalf of the Pulawy Company by Marian Rybak – Vice President of Pulawy Company and the leading design team Marke Zatorski – Prozap’s CEO. We would like to emphasize that the awarded title is an additional distinction, besides the effects of current business, brought by the modernization of urea plant. We managed, not only to contribute to production increase, but also to reduce the rate of ammonia consumption. Carrying out, this modernization, we stressed the need to minimize capital expenditure in relation to production increase, as well as gaining of pro-environmental effects. We managed to achieve all of our goals.


Modernization of the urea installation in Pulawy Company helped to increase the urea production capacity by over 270 000 tons a year to 1 215 000 tons a year, which makes our plants the second largest urea producer in the European Union!

It should not be forgot, that urea is now one of the most important nitrogenous fertilizers used in agricultural production in the world. Its importance is also growing in several different industries, especially wood processing, furniture making, pharmaceutical, cosmetics. During the realization of modernization investments of urea production line, also remember that this product is of great importance for the care of the environment. Currently, the urea solution is used in diesel engines and is used to remove nitrogen oxides.

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