The summary of investments in 2013

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The end of the year serves as an excellent opportunity to sum up the completed investments and present the plans for the coming twelve months. When it comes to “PUŁAWY”, 2013 marked the launched of new production installations worth hundreds of millions PLN.

An investment boom in Puławy

In July a number of new investments was inaugurated at one opening event attended by the Minister of Treasury Włodzimierz Karpiński. The Works were next visited by Prime Minister Donald Tusk, who used this opportunity to take a closer look at the new installations. The flue-gas desulfurization plant, which was opened in July 2013, cost almost 250 million PLN to build. This installation uses innovative technology and it is the first such plant in Poland in Europe and the third in the world which uses ammonia as a resource, but the end product is not gypsum like in other desulfurisation installations. The output is a fertilizer, namely ammonium sulfate.

New fertilizers from “PUŁAWY”

The installation for the production of PULASKA® is one of the main investment projects in 2013. It was fully launched at the end of the year. PULASKA® is a liquid fertilizer based on urea and ammonium sulfate – therefore, it contains sulfur. Our research has proved that the farmers have been waiting for this product and asking distributors about it.

We are currently preparing the full launch of the installation for the production of the solid fertilizer based on urea and ammonium sulfate – PULGRAN®. The product is in granules and contains sulfur, just like PULASKA®. These fertilizers have become popular with farmers, due to the deficit of sulfur in Polish soil, resulting from environmentally-friendly investments in local factories.

The launch of stockage coming closer

Ammonia stockage is an investment scheduled for the summer of 2014 and worth over 100 million PLN. The stockage will house 15,000 tonnes of ammonia, enabling us to manage ammonia stock in a more flexible manner. At the same time, it will be possible to optimize the purchasing of gas, our staple resource.

Based on a talk by Grupa Azoty “Puławy” Chairman Marian Rybak at a press conference on January 9th, 2014.