The strategy of “PUŁAWY” is effective

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The key to successful management of such a large enterprise as Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe “PUŁAWY” is adopting the most suitable strategy of activity. If all elements of such strategy are implemented thoroughly and effectively, it is possible to raise the Company value, while at the same time take care of the quality of relations with customers and the community.

Best solutions wanted

Our company was subject to a voluntary audit conducted by a team, which took two months to examine and assess the activity of Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe “PUŁAWY”. The process of preparing products for the end customer was analyzed in depth, starting from the very moment of purchasing resources. The specialists who paid a visit to Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” checked whether we abide by the stringent norms of safety, quality and risk management. As a result, we obtained Product Stewardship certificate, which constitutes a confirmation of our long-term pursuit of business activity efficiency. The task was far from easy, but time proved that the effort was worthwhile.

The European plan on climate change and the care for the environment

One of the factors which shape the current market situation are changes in the state and the EU legislation. We are therefore following the discussion about the so-called European Union climate and energy package carefully. In the context of the European debate, it is necessary to distinguish between some key definitions. Large enterprises take care of the environment and the condition of the natural world. However, the plan on climate change is one thing – it is a set of regulations imposed on European companies by EU legislative bodies. Environmentally-friendly activities adopted by heavy industry companies is another matter, a separate range of initiatives. The distinction is worth remembering, seeing that Ukraine, Russia and Belarus – countries where the climate and energy package is not binding – are our close neighbors to the East. Despite this fact, we are in direct competition with manufacturers from those counties. In the situation of different rules of the game for EU companies and enterprises which European standards do not concern, uneven terms of competition may be endurable only up to a point. Once this critical moment is reached, disadvantaged EU companies might face problems with continuing their activity on the market.

Reindustrialization is a challenge for Europe

Another interesting phenomenon seen in EU countries needs to be mentioned here. Over the past 10-20 years we have witnessed the deindustrialization of Europe, a conversion from heavy manufacturing activity to the service sector. What we may observe at this moment, though, is a reverse trend – reindustrialization, which is conducted in a smart way, based on a completely new set of rules, and on the rich experience of the European industry.

Based on a talk by Zenon Pokojski Ph.D., the Vice Chairman of Grupa Azoty, at the National Energy Summit GDAŃSK 2014 held on March 26-27th, 2014.