The pillars of modern agriculture

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Director General of Fertilizers Europe Jacob Hansen was a guest at this year’s Science – Business – Agriculture Conference organized by “Puławy” Competences Center. Fertilizers Europe is an association of European fertilizer manufacturers. Mr Hansen spoke about the cycle of fertilizer circulation and the role of mineral fertilizers in contemporary agricultural manufacturing.

Good practice of fertilization

The use of products which facilitate the growth of plants and boost crops involves one rudimentary rule: appropriate quantity of the fertilizer needs to applied at the appropriate time and in the suitable place. Those who have never heard this principle before may have the impression that it sounds obvious and banal. Upon a closer inspection, however, it becomes apparent that each element of the process ought to be based on professional knowledge, supported by tests and experiments. Additionally, monitoring the influence of our agricultural practice on the environment is an equally important task, and the foundation of efficient, modern farming.


Another principle which is crucial for modern agricultural manufacturers is re-using the nutrients which are produced on the farm. Thanks to using available methods of recapturing valuable substances, it is possible to limit the cost of running the agricultural enterprise and take care the natural environment at the same time. Feedback concerning the quantity of nutrients recovered by farmers may help fertilizer manufacturers to continue improving their products.

Latest technology

Farming today stands a chance of becoming a competitive sector of the economy on condition that it makes full use of the available knowledge and technologies. It is crucial to adapt the tools used in other businesses, for example soil mapping based on biomass content, or humidity measurements. Thanks to using online tools, it is possible to make one’s work easier and improve profits generated on the farm, but first and foremost enable the exchange of experience between agricultural manufacturers.

Based on Jacob Hansen’s talk at the 3rd Science – Business – Agriculture Conference
organized by “Puławy” Competences Center. The presentation took place on November 21st, 2013.