The new-and-old PUŁAWY Board

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The recruitment of the new Management Board of “PUŁAWY” Company is complete. Following interviews with candidates for the managerial posts in the Company, the Supervisory Board has decided to prolong the contracts with the current members of the Board for the next three years.

Professor Cezary Możeński, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, commented on this decision: It comes as no surprise that after such a successful term in the office, after probably the best three years in the history of “Puławy” Company, the Management Board, whose all members expressed the wish to remain in their posts, has been accepted by the Supervisory Board. The Management Board was awarded such positions in the ranking that all the members of the previous Board were nominated unanimously.

The new Chairman

Excellent record gained during his five years as the Chairman of “PUŁAWY” was the main reason why Paweł Jarczewski kept his post. During this period, the Company spend 1.2 billion PLN on investment, while investment worth further 1 billion PLN is currently in progress. At the same time the Company’s financial results were the best in history. While in 2008 the income of “Puławy” was 2.5 billion PLN, in financial year 2011/12 this figure reached 4 billion PLN, with net profit of 600 million PLN.

Paweł Jarczewski has been the Company’s CEO since 1st of April 2008. Currently he is also the Vice-President of Fertilizers Europe and the Chairman of the Economic Committee in this organization. He is also a member of the conventions of Lublin University of Technology and Maria Skłodowska-Curie University in Lublin. He also belongs to the Innovation Board of Lubelskie Voivodship.

Who will be the managers of “PUŁAWY”?

The new Vice President and the Members of the Board of “PUŁAWY” Company have also been chosen. Vice President Marian Rybak will be responsible for human resources and for investment policy. Marek Kapłucha, a Member of the Board since 2009, will continue to be responsible for sales, marketing, logistics and purchasing. Wojciech Kozak shall supervise the manufacturing process and the energy supply. Zenon Pokojski will specialize in the issues of strategy and development as well as manufacturing support.

Influence on the Company’s policy

The nomination of Paweł Jarczewski as the CEO of “PUŁAWY” Company means the continuation of the current investment plan and strong involvement of the Company in the consolidation process.