The Minister of Treasury in Puławy

| Prospects & Investment |

Włodzimierz Karpiński, the Polish Minister of Treasury, visited “PUŁAWY” to attend the ceremony of completing the first stage of New Fertilizer Complex, an essential investment for our Works.

Finalizing investments in Puławy

During his visit in Puławy, the Minister participated in the opening ceremony of the most modern flue-gas desulfurization installation in Europe and the third flue-gas desulfurization installation using wet scrubbing with ammonia in the world; as well as two installations in New Fertilizer Complex – an installation for liquid fertilizers with sulfur PULASKA (190,000 tonnes per year), RSMS, and logistics center for granulated fertilizers. The total budget of the first stage of the investment was 360 million PLN.

The Minister stressed the fact that the finalized investments serve as a proof of good and wise management of “PUŁAWY”. In his opinion, such projects prove that the Company Board focuses on profitability.

Investments as the key to success

The Minister expressed strong approval of such consistent investment policy. In his view, new installations mean first of all new jobs and stability in the future. Mr. Karpiński believes that the investment projects finalized in Puławy confirm the strong position of Polish economy on a European as well as global scale.

During his visit in Puławy, the Minister emphasized the fact that such investment is invaluable in the time of economic downturn and crisis on the global markets.

Mr. Karpiński drew attention to the fact that building a new installation is not an art in itself, but making wise market analysis and launching investments responding to market needs is a true achievement. He believes that all projects in progress in Puławy respond to market demand and make the company more competitive internationally. They also improve the efficiency of production, thus bringing more revenue and higher profits.

The Minister of Treasury added that thanks to investments in “PUŁAWY”, experts in Western Europe have an excellent opinion about fertilizer-chemical sector and Grupa Azoty itself, which is the flagship of the Polish economy.