The longest cycle trail in Poland

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Almost 2,000 kilometers of cycle paths, 5 voivodeships, 16 landscape parks, 5 national parks and a budget of 274 million PLN – here are the some of the figures which illustrate the scale of the most spectacular investment venture in the tourist industry in Eastern Poland. Green Velo, the Eastern Cycle Trail, will soon be fully open to bikers.

A network connecting Eastern Poland

Five voivodeships which form the so-called Eastern Wing of Poland, namely: warmińsko-mazurskie, podlaskie, lubelskie, podkarpackie and świętokrzyskie, joined in the project. The route starts in Elbląg and leads as far as to the southernmost part of the Polish border. The enterprise, which is very close to completion, constitutes a part of a larger network called Cycle Trails in Poland. EU funds provided the primary source of its financing.

The only path of the kind

Green Velo is going to be the longest bike trail in Poland and one of the longest ones in Europe. Almost 2,000 kilometers of paths have been prepared to make cycling safe and comfortable. There are over 200 custom service points where tourists can take a break from riding their bikes and inquire about the region. What is impressive is the variety and the number of tourist attractions along the way. Moving down the trail, one will pass as many as five national parks and many picturesque towns, where the monuments are well worth visiting.

Bicycle kingdoms

Specials spots along the trail have been called “Bicycle kingdoms”. Visitors are encouraged to plan a longer stay in those places, since those select attractions are located in the most beautiful parts of Eastern Poland. In each of the Kingdoms, bikers can pick and choose between a hundred lesser paths which help to get to know this part of the country even better.

Monuments situated along Green Velo trail include important national heritage buildings, such as Frombork Cathedral, Lidzbark Warmiński Castle, an Orthodox Monastery in Supraśl, the once Jewish towns of Tykocin and Leżajsk, the towns of Chełm, Włodawa and Szczebrzeszyn, which are know for their multicultural heritage, the Old Town in Przemyśl, the Castle in Łańcut, the medieval town of Sandomierz as well as the ruins of Krzyżtopór Castle in Ujazd.

Lubelskie is ready

The section of the Eastern Cycle Trail located in lubelskie voivodeship is 351 kilometers long and it was the first one to be opened to tourists. We encourage visitors to grab their bikes and explore the region. The trail is studded with such tourist attractions as sightseeing in the historic towns of Krasnystaw, Chełm and Zamość and visiting such monuments as the 17th century synagogue in Szczebrzeszyn, a former death camp in Sobibór and a famous Marian Shrine in Kodeń.