The key importance of fertilizers

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Some claim that agriculture lost its dominating role in the Polish economy a long time ago. Such belief is far from correct. The global population is constantly on the increase and therefore agriculture assumes strategic importance, especially with regard to food production. The question is whether we may continue using traditional farming methods seeing that the the sector faces grave new challenges.

Agriculture means business

Effective farming is not only the manufacturing of modern agricultural equipment. Of crucial importance are also: modern production of high quality fertilizers and adequate standards of management, not only in the industry. “PUŁAWY” focus their activity on both those goals.

factory/fot. photpin.comEffective technologies

Thanks to modernized installation, it is now possible to manufacture a ton of ammonia using only 845 m3 of natural gas, with the global average higher by as much as 30 percent. Moreover, “PUŁAWY” have recently increased the quantity of produced urea from 940,000 to 1,250,000 tonnes, which makes us the second biggest manufacturer of this product in Europe. All this was possible although prices of gas, the key resource for the production of both substances, have risen to quite a high level.

Knowledge is the key

Investment in intellectual capital constitutes a part of long-term strategy of “PUŁAWY” for a very simple reason: only thanks to improvement of the staff competences is it possible to fulfill consequent strategic goals. Owing to the development of Competences Center, created in cooperation with agricultural research institutes, universities and business associations, it has become feasible to educate the personnel as well as to organize various counseling sessions concerning the management of a modern farm. Solid tools for agricultural production management are vital here, and we are endeavoring to teach about the mechanisms which have long been used in the manufacturing industry and the service sector.

agriculture/fot. photpin.comWhat about the food?

The world faces new problems with food production and distribution, thus it has become indispensable to make agricultural production more efficient. However, it is worth noting that the modernization of agriculture, which could make many farms self-sufficient, is a slow process and it is impossible without support from the manufacturing and the food processing sectors. The same is true in Europe, where we are currently importing food produced on an equivalent of 35 million hectares. Yet, thanks to increased quality of fertilizers, access to such products and good fertilizing practices, we might alleviate the problems of food shortage. “PUŁAWY” are active in this area, implementing a series of projects which aim at providing competent supervision of fertilizers during the whole chain of their existence: from the manufacturing process to the application.