The four pillars of PUŁAWY

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Agro Sector, Chemistry, Energy and Other Activity – those are the four segments of manufacturing activity of “PUŁAWY” Company. We have prepared a summing-up of our achievements in those fields in the first half of 2012/13 financial year.

Agro Sector

This is the core activity whose value constitutes as much as 63,1% of the total output of the company and is worth 1,168 billion PLN. This is 63 million PLN (5,7%) more than in the corresponding period of the previous financial year. Leading products in this segment are: PULAN® (ammonium sulphate), PULREA® (urea), RSM®, PULSAR® (ammonium sulfate) and ammonium sulfate from “PUŁAWY”; phosphatic fertilizers and mixes from “Fosfory” in Gdańsk and potassium nitrate and calcium nitrate from “Azoty – Adipol” from Chorzów. The largest growth of revenue in Agro Sector was possible thanks to sales of such basic products as PULAN® (by 19,7%) and RSM® (by 12,7%). We should also note that the revenue from exports amounted to 356,1 million PLN, which is 18,9% more than in the corresponding period of the previous financial year.


The main products in this segment manufactured in “PUŁAWY” Company are: CAPROLACTAM™, Melamina™, PULREA®, PULNOX®, hydrogen peroxide and AdBlue®. Capital Group GZNF ‘Fosfory’ Ltd specializes in sulfuric acid and sodium bisulfite, while “Azoty-Adipol” PLC in technical and edible potassium nitrate. Volume of sales of chemical products rose by 8,3% in comparison with the previous year, bringing revenue of 615,7 million PLN. What is more, products from this sector constitute the vast majority of exported goods of “PUŁAWY”, as much as 68,4%.


Electricity, heat and heat carrier produced by “PUŁAWY” and heat produced by “Azoty-Adipol” PLC are the main products in this sector. The branch also involves distribution of supplies (electricity and drinking water in “Azoty-Adipol” PLC) sales of property rights (certificates of origin of CHP power) and sales of other services of the sector, only to domestic clients. The revenue from sales of energy and heat to external clients stood at 46,7 million PLN, which means an increase by 0,6% in comparison with the previous year. At the same time, own cost fell by 21,5%.

Other activity

This sector includes sales of such goods as garbage bags, foil bags, foil, polyethylene regranulate, and trade in Emission Reduction Units (ERU). In the first half of 2012/13 financial year, the operating profit of this branch, including transactions between segments, reached 0,5 million PLN, while income from dealings with outside clients was 30,1 million PLN.