The 13th “A Tree for a Bottle ”® campaign has begun

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This year’s edition of “A Tree for a Bottle”® is open! The educational campaign is meant to raise knowledge and awareness of environmental issues, to activate the local community to take care of the natural environment, and to promote good habits in kids and teens.

Problematic waste

Discarded plastic bottles (PET) are a serious problem in Poland as well as in other developed countries. If all the bottles used in the world in a year were heaped one upon another, they would form a tower 28,000,000 kilometers high. The shocking vision makes it easier to realize the importance of recycling.

The idea of the campaign

The participants of “A Tree for a Bottle”® collect used PET bottles, which are next given to waste management companies to be recycled. The trees and shrubs planted in our region serve as a symbol of recycling the bottles which have been picked up.

On a positive note, according to the Ministry of the Environment data, regular segregation of waste has been becoming more and more popular in the last 4 year. “A Tree for a Bottle”® has been organized since 2003. In the 12 editions so far, pupils and teenagers have collected a total of 22,054,020 bottles and have planted as many as 26,818 trees.

Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY supports “A Tree for a Bottle”

The campaign was launched in the 2000′ by the leading chemical companies which participate in Responsible Care® Program. Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY is an active participant of the event. We have managed to increase the scope of the project since 2005, and encourage the inhabitants of Puławy and neighboring towns to take part.

Like each year, the 13th edition of “A Tree for a Bottle”® is going to be accompanied by many events prepared by the local coordinators who implement Responsible Care® Program. The media coverage is provided by website.