Taking care of the environment

| Enviromental Protection |

“PUŁAWY” Company implement modern technologies taking into consideration both the conservation of the natural environment and increasing the effectiveness of the manufacturing process. This allows the company to strengthen its leading position on the European fertilizers market.

Emissions without sulfur

Desulfurization of industrial emissions is vital from the perspective of reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Exhaust fumes from coal-fired power plants contain sulfur oxides which, in combination with vapor, produce toxic gases. Thanks to the new flue gas desulfurization with wet scrubber (ammonia) installation, “PUŁAWY” Company will reclaim sulfur from exhaust and turn in into crystallized ammonium sulfate (up to 40,000 tonnes annually). The product will be used in fertilizers manufacturing processes based on ammonia and urea.

Taking care of the environment/fot. freepik.com“PUŁAWY” in the lead

Following the decision to build installation for reclaiming and recycling sulfur from byproducts and modernizing the plant, “PUŁAWY” Company have strengthened their position as a leader of the fertilizers sector and have given an excellent example of management change. “PUŁAWY” Company is the first company in Europe and the third in the world to implement flue gas desulfurization with wet scrubber (ammonia) technology. Using this method, air pollution will be reduced by 8,500 tonnes per year, meaning that toxic gases emissions will have been cut by at least 80%.

Taking care of the environment/fot. freepik.comWith Europe and for Europe

The investment project in “PUŁAWY” is conducted thanks to 20 million PLN grant from the European Regional Development Fund. The total cost of the investment is c. 250 million PLN. Technological start-up of the installation is in progress, with consecutive equipment being connected to the system and completion of the project expected by the end of the year. The successful launch of an absorption hub was a milestone for the operation. Having gained experience with this project, “PUŁAWY” will be able to share know-how on recycling with other enterprises home and abroad, primarily with companies from the Great Chemical Synthesis sector