Taking care of the environment

| Enviromental Protection |

Plenty of green areas and forests are located around Puławy. Hardly any local inhabitant would approve any change to this environment. Since the launch of the Works, we have been paying particular attention to care of the natural environment and at the same time, to the welfare of the local community. Today being environment-friendly is a priority for Azoty Group “PUŁAWY”.

Investment in the environment

In 1980′ a waste treatment plant was erected next to caprolactam installation, where one of the main materials for the production of artificial fibers is manufactured. The plant made it possible to offset the damage of the production line for the environment.

In 1985 – 2000 we implemented a comprehensive program of environmental protection, in which we voluntarily vowed to abide by the strictest formal requirements concerning emissions of polluting substances and the impact Works are having on the environment.

Awards for being environment-friendly

With regard to taking care of the environment, “PUŁAWY” constitutes a role model for other enterprises. As a proof, we may offer much more than our own declarations; also numerous awards and honorary mentions, such as:

  • A nomination in “Well-Seen Company” (“Firma Dobrze Widziana”) competition for our environmental protection and social activity, as confirmed by the members of the local community.
  • Acanthus Aureus Medal for a stand at International Environmental Protection Fairs in 2011.
  • Since 1995 “PUŁAWY” has been participating in an international program whose Polish name is Responsible Care.


However, the most visible proof of our care of the environment is the condition of green areas in the vicinity of the plant. Its current shape confirms “PUŁAWY”s respect for nature and due consideration for the environment.