Taking care of safety

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Promoting the use of light-reflecting vests by bikers was initiated by Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY in 2014. The vests were given to all members of company staff who ride bikes. Also, for the past few years Factory Fire Service has been involved in ”Taking care of safety together” project, which is targeted at children and teens.

Pleasure and duty

We tend to associate riding a bike with leisure. This means of transportation has also been becoming more and more popular in Poland. However, since the volume traffic overall has been rising as well, the number of accidents with bikers as participants has also grown.

One might easily forget that apart from being a pastime, riding a bicycle is also connected with observing road safety rules. Despite warnings, many bikers use vehicles whose technical condition is pitiful. Apart from this, bikers forget about elements which might make them visible after dark or when visibility is low. Car drivers are often unable to spot the biker, which leads to many dangerous situations on the road and might bring tragic consequences.

Safety first

Riding a bicycle is particularly dangerous at dusk. Unfortunately, it is the bikers who put themselves at an even greater risk by forgoing the use of lights and by wearing dark clothes. This is why wearing reflective  items placed in visible spots or using a special vest is of crucial importance. The risk on the road might be reduced also thanks to attaching appropriate lights to the bike. Their task is signalling the presence of the biker on the road, at any time of the day and night.

Safety on Factory premises

According to research, a biker who wears a reflective vest is visible to a car driver at a distance of 150 meters, while without a vest, they are spotted as late as from the proximity of 30-40 meters!

The safety of Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY staff is also of crucial importance. Since mid-2014, people who move about the Factory premises on a bike are obliged to wear reflective vests which they were given last year during “Visible means safe” event.