Azoty Group on partnership rules

| Polish Market |

The formation of a new chemical Group has begun; our Company will constitute a part of this Group. We are glad to hear that the Ministry of Treasury has made the principles of equality and partnership of the parties the key elements of the merger. An agreement between “PUŁAWY” and Azoty Tarnów will guarantee both parties the possibility of creating a new strategy, structure and corporate governance of the newly formed Azoty Group on the basis of equality.

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Azoty Group almost here – an agreement signed

| Prospects & Investment |

Together with Azoty Tarnów we have made another move towards becoming a uniform group of chemical companies. We have signed an agreement which defines the rules of cooperation and conducting negotiations regarding the Consolidation Agreement based on which a leading regional chemical company and a major player on the European fertilizers’ market will be formed.

In the agreement we agreed on the name for the newly formed entity, which shall be called Azoty Group.

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