Bridge in Kamień is open at last

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The opening of the bridge in Kamień was eagerly awaited by car users and inhabitants of both banks of the Vistula. The first drivers were finally able to use the bridge on October 17th, 2015. The investment will reduce the travel time from Lubelskie and Świętokrzyskie to Mazowieckie voivodeship.

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A historic port in Puławy

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The first mention about the existence of Puławy goes back to the 15th century. At first the settlement was called Pollawy, while the present shape of the name became widely used in early 16th century. In the 17th century Lubomirscy Family became the owners of Puławy village, while in the 18th century the land was taken over by Czartoryscy Family, under whose governance Puławy flourished. This was possible thanks to an important asset of the town: a port on the Vistula river.

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