Natural fertilization

| Enviromental Protection |

We have already blogged about the American scientists who use manure and human waste to recover nutrients which support the development of the plants. Technologies which they have developed make it possible to capture valuable dietary elements, which may next be used in the agricultural production.

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Innovative use of waste

| Prospects & Investment |

Azoty Group “PUŁAWY” leads a new, innovative project connected with excavation of shale gas about to start in Poland. In cooperation with Lublin companies and regional universities, we are planning investment projects regarding the re-cultivation of soil from gas wells.

Cooperation of “PUŁAWY” with scientists

Relations between commercial companies and the scientific world are rarely easy and clear-cut. However, our experience of cooperation between scientific institutes, universities and enterprises shows that it is worthwhile to work together at innovative and groundbreaking ideas and projects that prove beneficial to both parties. Another lesson we have learned is as follows: allocating big budgets for innovation is easy, but it only makes sense if the funds serve projects which are likely to become implemented, those which contribute to the value of the organization.

Progress of Blue Gas Program

We are currently conducting a project of creating a new product out of industrial waste from our plant for biological treatment of waste, as well as waste produced by “Kruszywa Niemce” company. The aim is to manufacture a highly useful product, therefore the preparations to the project under the Blue Gas Program are in full swing.

Innovative edge of our initiative is that the product manufactured from waste may be used on the spot. Consequently, we save on transportation cost and consumption of water during test borehole drilling. There is also another possibility of utilizing the materials used in the drilling procedures. The project is thus producing synergistic effects, resulting from a combination of two kinds of industrial waste to create a usable and useful product.

Soil degradation

Ensuring that the areas where gas excavation took place are re-cultivated in a rational manner is our primary objective. The product which we are intending to create may be used also in locations where land degradation occurs. 5th or 6th grade soil is going to be modified so as to become valuable for agricultural purposes and other uses.

Cooperation of various entities

The initiative came from Zygmunt Kwiatkowski, the CEO of “Kruszywa Niemce” Company. Remaining participants are our Works, Fertilizer Research Institute, Lublin University of Technology and University of Life Sciences in Lublin.

The project is of considerable value, amounting to 19 million PLN. Grant from the National Centre for Research and Development exceeds 11 million PLN, while the contribution of “PUŁAWY” is over 5 million. We are proud to say that no questions were voiced about our application. Therefore, the first stage may be hailed a success. Now the task is to use the 18 months available to prepare a product declared in the application. Success in this field will be a true victory.

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