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A few weeks ago the Third National Volleyball Championship was held in MOSiR sports center in Puławy – The CEO of Azoty Group “PUŁAWY” Cup.

“Internal competition” in Azoty Group

Four teams participated in the Cup. One was Azoty Group Tarnów representatives, next came Azoty Group “KĘDZIERZYN” team (from Kędzierzyn-Koźle), Azoty Group “PUŁAWY” and a team of players from the daughter companies of “PUŁAWY”.

It was a all-play-all tournament, with every match played until either team had won two sets. Once the last game was finished, the Kędzierzyn team turned out to be the winner. Seeing how successful ZAKSY Kędzierzyn-Koźle Volleyball Team is, the result was far from surprising.

Players from Tarnów took the second place, while the third rank went to the host, the “PUŁAWY” team. Representatives of the daughter companies of “PUŁAWY” came fourth.

Individual awards were given as well. Adam Świstek from “KĘDZIERZYN” was the Most Valuable Player. Other awards went to Dariusz Łuczkiewicz (“KĘDZIERZYN”), Tomasz Krzysica (“KĘDZIERZYN”), Tomasz Gdowski (Azoty Grup), Karol Szymanek (“PUŁAWY”) and Grzegorz Furtak (“PUŁAWY” daughter companies).

A well-deserved third place

“PUŁAWY” team included: Zenon Pokojski, Dariusz Gębala, Mirosław Bujała, Tomasz Wydra, Mariusz Walaszek, Sławomir Furtak, Mariusz Warzyński (libero), Karol Szymanek and Tomasz Kowalczyk.

On behalf of the Board of Azoty Group “PUŁAWY” , the awards and distinctions were handed in by Marian Rybak, the Chairman of the Board and Zenon Pokojski, a Member of the Board.

Results of the matches:

Puławy – Daughter Companies 2:1

Kędzierzyn – Tarnów 2:0

Puławy – Tarnów 0:2

Kędzierzyn – Daughter Companies 2:0

Daughter Companies – Tarnów 0:2

Kędzierzyn – Puławy 2:1

Cup chart:


Rank Team matches points sets set ratio
1 Kędzierzyn 3 8 6:1 6,00
2 Tarnów 3 7 4:2 2,00
3 Puławy 3 4 3:5 0,60
4 D. Companies 3 3 1:6 0,17


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