Family farming is an opportunity

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The theme of 2014 World Food Day theme was “Family Farming: Feeding the world, caring for the earth”. The topic was chosen to stress the importace of family farming and smallholder farmers.

The goal of the event was to draw the world’s attention to the crucial task for the planet, that of eradicating famine and poverty, as well as providing food security. The organizers also wished to emphasize the theme in the context of improving livelihoods, managing rural resources, environment protection, and achieving sustainable development in rural areas in particular.

The United Nations (UN) General Assembly decided to make 2014 “The International Year of Family Farming”. The campaign serves as a signal that the international community considers family farms an opportunity to provide global food security.

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Food security in Poland on the increase

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In the latest Global Food Security Index commissioned DuPont, Poland took the 26th place among 109 countries listed in the ranking. The result is 1.8 points better than in the last year. This serves as a proof that the joint activity of Polish scientists, businesspeople, agricultural manufacturers and politicians in has brought about increased food supply safety in our country.

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Potential of the forests 

| Enviromental Protection |

A couple of days ago, almost 2,000 people showed up in response to an invitation of Foresters from Gdańsk area. They organized an event called Plant a forest for the next 90 years.Whole families, assisted by experienced staff, planted 44,000 trees to restore 5 hectares of a forest to good condition.

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Family farms are the future

| Production & Resources |

According to up-to-date research about family-owned farms, such businesses are very productive and may be able to feed all the people in the world. Their development could be the way to ensure food supply safety for the constantly growing population.

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