Conflict in Syria affects farmers

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The ongoing armed conflict in Syria and the recent events on the global political scene have strongly affected farmers in the Middle East.

Although the countries in the region have not imposed an embargo on the exportation of fruit and vegetables to Syria, the manufacturers have practically ceased trade with Syria and redirected exports to the Persian Gulf nations.

Jordan serves as a sad example, having already lost 80 million JOD as a result of unstable situation in neighboring countries. Syria had imported 180,000 out of 800,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables exported by Jordan each year. The annual value of this market used to reach 40 million JOD.

What is more, Syria used to serve as a major trade intermediary in the sale of agricultural produce from the Middle East to Eastern Europe and Russia via Turkey. Following the outbreak of the civil war, trade of fruit and vegetables from the region was reduced to a large extent.

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