Grupa Azoty in RESPECT INDEX

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Warsaw Stock Exchange representatives revealed the names of companies which were included in the latest Respect (Responsibility Ecology Sustainability Participation Environment Community Transparency) Index in December 2015. We were delighted to learn that Grupa Azoty appeared on the list for the ninth time, one of few companies quoted on WSE which had maintained their position in the Index.

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A fruitful November-December period

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Record high prices of “PUŁAWY” stock on Warsaw Stock Exchange, the payout of a higher dividend and the appointment of the new Supervisory Board – these pieces of news concerning our activity investors have found the most interesting in recent weeks.

Stock exchange milestone

The stock of Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” S.A. traded at the highest price ever on December 2nd, 2013, when the price rose by 2.7% to 194.95 PLN per share. The figure surpassed the previous record, when the stock had climbed to 193 PLN. Analysts estimate that the price may even reach 210 PLN per one “PUŁAWY” share.

A fruitful November-December period/fot. photopin.comRising profit for shareholders

At the latest General Meeting, Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” shareholders took a decision to increase the dividend for 2012/2013 trade year from 8.55 to 10.58 PLN per share. Consequently, on January 17th, 2014, the company will pay out 198,413,700 PLN in profit to the owners of 19,115,000 shares. However, the lion's share of the dividend will remain in Grupa Azoty, the owner of “PUŁAWY” and the holder 95.98% of company shares.

The 8th term of “PUŁAWY” Supervisory Board has commenced

In late November the new “PUŁAWY” Supervisory Board was nominated at the General Meeting of Shareholders. Cezary Możeński was elected the Chairman of the Board, while the Members of the Board now include Marek Kapłucha, Jerzy Koziara, Andrzej Skolmowski, Andrzej Bartuzi and Jacek Wójtowicz. Mr Bartuzi and Mr Wójtowicz serve as representatives of “PUŁAWY” staff on the Supervisory Board.

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Maize getting cheaper across the Ocean

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The latest news from Chicago exchange is that maize is the cheapest in the last three years. At the end of October, the price fell below the technical support level at 177 USD per tonne.

A new low

The drop in prices results from this year’s plentiful crops of maize in the USA. The Department of Agriculture has published information that this year sweetcorn was sown on 95.3 million acres, which are expected to bring 13.99 billion bushels during autumn harvest. The figure is 2% higher than the previous estimation of 13.8 billion bushels. Therefore, this season might bring record crops. The previous record, from 2009, was 13.1 billion bushels.

Maize getting cheaper across the OceanThe end of trouble with syrup?

A popular sweetener in the food manufacturing sector, glucose-fructose syrup, is produced from maize. The syrup was popularized in the USA in the 1970′, mainly by corporations manufacturing sweet carbonated beverages. However, the consumption of the syrup has fallen by 16% in the last 5 years, while sugar consumption rose by 0,7%. Such trend followed a campaign against obesity, which is linked to consumption of fructose, and a fall in sugar prices. This year’s harvest might help out syrup manufacturers. However, potential consumers also have the option to buy equally cheap sucrose, thus they are likely to try and negotiate prices down.

Good news for breeders

The forecast plentiful harvest will mean that the price of corn used as fodder will also decrease. Consequently, the cost of breeding cows and pigs is set to fall, bringing cheaper meat and making it more available and affordable. A similar situation concerns dairy manufacturers, who will benefit from using cheaper maize fodder for dairy cows.

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Grupa Azoty in WIG30 index

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A new index of Warsaw Stock Exchange is to be launched on September 23th. Grupa Azoty will make a debut on the new list of 30 most valuable companies quoted on WSE.

A milestone

This is a remarkable moment for Grupa Azoty because the inclusion in the most prestigious stock index is a milestone in the implementation of Company strategy. Azoty debuted on WSE on June 30th, 2008. Over the following five years, much effort was made to develop the Company strategy and strengthen its market value. The work and effort of all employees bring measurable results. Joining WIG30 index means not only new opportunities for Grupa Azoty itself, but first and foremost for its shareholders. The investors may count on increased interest in Grupa Azoty stock, which translates into more turnover and extra profits.

Why such changes on WSE?

WIG30, the new list of the most dynamic enterprises, is supposed to highlight the diversification of the market and the current make-up of the Polish economy. For companies joining the index, this is an opportunity to generate publicity and gain new investors.

Debut of the new index shall not involve immediate disappearance of WIG20. The previous listing of the most valuable companies shall be published until the end of 2015.

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“PUŁAWY” still on the Stock Exchange

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Speculations regarding the presence of our Company on Warsaw Stock Exchange have continued for some time now. And yet, the most recent announcements do not contain a single hint as to “PUŁAWY” leaving WSE.

Why leave the stock market?

The idea of “PUŁAWY” likely to withdraw from WSE steams from economic analysis. Market Experts have pointed out that as little as 4% of shares is in trade, which makes the presence of the Company on WSE pointless. Consequently, there have been suggestions that Grupa Azoty is likely to buy up shares from minor investors and to remove “PUŁAWY” from WSE listings.

Alternative scenarios

However, Grupa Azoty, the owner of almost 96% of PUŁAWY shares, is not planning to purchase the remaining stock. Presence on WSE is essential for the prestige of the Company, makes its activity more transparent and stimulates further growth.

Grupa Azoty management does not rule out additional issue of shares, so as to gain extra capital for the company. The other solution, suggested among others by Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” Chairman Marian Rybak, is using resources which have not been spent on buying up shares (c. 106 million PLN) to finance investments in Grupa Azoty.

The important period of investment

At the opening ceremony of New Fertilizer Complex in Puławy, Grupa Azoty CEO Paweł Jarczewski stressed the fact that work is under way to draw up a comprehensive program of tasks for each Company in the Group. A key element of the plan is the renovation of some of the older installations and the construction of new ones. Additionally, Grupa Azoty is planning to create a strategy of market presence of various Companies on WSE.

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PULAWY A Business Might of 2012

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Azoty Group “PUŁAWY” was awarded in a ranking by Modern Business Institute, which analyzed financial results of 225 chemical companies. The Business Might title in this sector went to 29 enterprises.

“PUŁAWY” took the second place, owing to the company market value of 2.365 million PLN. Another factor taken into account was the dynamics of income from March 2009 to March 2012. Azoty Group “PUŁAWY” was included in the ranking because it fulfilled other criteria: at least 1 million PLN turnover for three consecutive years, positive capital value and making a net profit.

The organizer of the ranking reviewed 60,000 companies from various industries, but in the end only 21,919 businesses fulfilling the above-mentioned criteria were selected. This group was verified by comparing their results to estimates of stock companies quoted on Warsaw Stock Exchange. The winners of the ranking were Synthos Dwory 7 Ltd. S.K.A., Azoty Group “PUŁAWY” and Avon Operations Poland Ltd.

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“PUŁAWY” in a prestigious index

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WIGdiv is an ellite index comprised of 30 dividend-paying companies and published by Warsaw Stock Exchange. After the latest update of the index, the management of WSE has informed that our company has appeared on the list. We are on the 14th place.

Another point worth noting is the fact that we are the only company representing the chemical sector listed on the index. Also, our Company have managed to achieve a higher position than such companies as Budimex (16th place), Agora (20th place) or Śnieżka (24th place).

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