Clean Lubelskie voivodeship

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The inhabitants of Lubelskie voivodeship may take pride in the position of a leader. The region has got the cleanest air out of all voivodeships in Poland! Compared to other regions, Lubelskie is well ahead of the rest. Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY also makes various kinds of efforts to ensure that this position is maintained.

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Agricultural map of Poland

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Polish farms are becoming more and more specialized. While they reduce the average size, their efficiency is on the rise. Another trend is the appearance of large farms which specialize in the cultivation of plants.

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4th “Science – Business – Agriculture” Conference

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“Science-Business-Agriculture” Conference organized by PUŁAWY Competences Center was held on November 26th, 2014. It was the fourth event in the series. The Conference was attended by the representatives of scientific institutions and government agencies, agricultural manufacturers and the leaders of providing chemical products for the agricultural market.

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Farmers take care of the environment

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As many as 77% of farmers declare that taking care of the environment is an essential consideration in their daily work. We have already written about the environmentally-friendly habits of the Poles and the changing habits. Time has come to take a look at the way Polish farmers take care of the environment, and what they do to make such activities even more efficient.

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Progress of the Polish village

| Polish Market |

The idea behind “25 Years of Polish Agriculture. Food safety in Europe”, the Report whose presentation was held on November 26th at the “Science, Business, Agriculture” conference in Puławy, was to spark a public debate concerning the importance of agriculture in the Polish economy. The Report contains the analysis of a number of issues concerning the Polish food sector, and presents some of the potential solutions to the key challenges in the next few years. We need to keep in mind the fact that the future of the national grocery sector is closely linked to the development of the commodity-producing farms, which have the opportunity to become even more competitive and modern, both with regard to technology and economy.

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New quality of reporting

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“PUŁAWY” Company pay particular attention to the rules of sustainable development. Consequently, the company has implemented reporting according to GRI, which enables preparing comprehensive summing-up of its activity in various areas.

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is an independent institution providing professional services concerning promotion and research on sustainable development. GRI model of financial and other activity reporting is currently regarded as the best in the world and used in various businesses, but mainly in the chemical sector.

“PUŁAWY” Company completed a report for 2011/12 financial year and scored level B, which is between level A (the most demanding) and C (basic). Seeing that is was our debut, the company included results since 2009/10 uo to the first half of 2012/13 financial year in the report.

The main motivation of “PUŁAWY” to complete such a report was creating an opportunity for the shareholders and partners to gain full insight into company data, not only regarding the business activity, but also the community-oriented activities as well as the pro-environmental practices, which are particularly important for chemical companies.

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