PULAWY A Business Might of 2012

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Azoty Group “PUŁAWY” was awarded in a ranking by Modern Business Institute, which analyzed financial results of 225 chemical companies. The Business Might title in this sector went to 29 enterprises.

“PUŁAWY” took the second place, owing to the company market value of 2.365 million PLN. Another factor taken into account was the dynamics of income from March 2009 to March 2012. Azoty Group “PUŁAWY” was included in the ranking because it fulfilled other criteria: at least 1 million PLN turnover for three consecutive years, positive capital value and making a net profit.

The organizer of the ranking reviewed 60,000 companies from various industries, but in the end only 21,919 businesses fulfilling the above-mentioned criteria were selected. This group was verified by comparing their results to estimates of stock companies quoted on Warsaw Stock Exchange. The winners of the ranking were Synthos Dwory 7 Ltd. S.K.A., Azoty Group “PUŁAWY” and Avon Operations Poland Ltd.

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