Food security of Poland

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Poland is relatively safe from the threat of losing food security. However, the situation could be improved further thanks to various measures. Most of them are connected with judicious agricultural policy.

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The GMO issue

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The question whether to allow the cultivation of genetically modified organisms is a topic which is more and more frequently present in the public debate. Plenty of controversies and contradictory opinions have surrounded the issue over the years. Unfortunately, in many countries the topic is neglected and only discussed in the context of consumption, consumer choice and nutrition. At the same time, the aspects regarding agriculture and development of agriculture are being neglected. On top of that, we are unable to foresee the long-term consequences of the consuming GMO’s for human health and functioning. This puts the whole discussion about GMO use and consumption into question.

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Responsible “PUŁAWY”

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Azoty Group “PUŁAWY”, a member of Fertilizers Europe, an association of leading fertilizer manufacturers, is keen on the ideas of sustainable development and responsible business. Accordingly, since 2008 the company has been implementing a program called “Product Care”.

Betting on quality

“Product Care” is a comprehensive tool for monitoring of the whole process of production and product distribution. The program is based on international standards and laws regarding quality. Consequently, the members of Fertilizers Europe, including Azoty Group “PUŁAWY”, are leaders in the field of responsible production of fertilizers.

Responsible “Care” in “PUŁAWY”

The decision to implement the program was an important step in the functioning of the enterprise. “Product Care” obliges “PUŁAWY” to guarantee that the whole process of manufacturing fertilizers, from the moment of gaining resources and components to the distribution of the finished product needs to be neutral for the safety and health of people and the environment.

Accountability confirmed

Participants of “Product Care” program are also subject to certification of the quality of their activities. The first audit in “PUŁAWY” took place in 2008. It was conducted by SGS and resulted in granting of a certificate. Latest audit was done in 2011 by Det Norske Veritas and brought an equally positive result. Experts from Norway confirmed that Azoty Group “PUŁAWY” fulfills all rules of “Product Care” program and all its guidelines have been implemented by the company.

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New quality of reporting

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“PUŁAWY” Company pay particular attention to the rules of sustainable development. Consequently, the company has implemented reporting according to GRI, which enables preparing comprehensive summing-up of its activity in various areas.

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is an independent institution providing professional services concerning promotion and research on sustainable development. GRI model of financial and other activity reporting is currently regarded as the best in the world and used in various businesses, but mainly in the chemical sector.

“PUŁAWY” Company completed a report for 2011/12 financial year and scored level B, which is between level A (the most demanding) and C (basic). Seeing that is was our debut, the company included results since 2009/10 uo to the first half of 2012/13 financial year in the report.

The main motivation of “PUŁAWY” to complete such a report was creating an opportunity for the shareholders and partners to gain full insight into company data, not only regarding the business activity, but also the community-oriented activities as well as the pro-environmental practices, which are particularly important for chemical companies.

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