Challenges for “PUŁAWY”

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In “A dangerous year – Who lies in wait for Polish chemical companies”, the editors of Wirtualny Nowy Przemysł magazine have enumerated the current challenges for the Polish chemical sector. We do take into account the issues presented in the text while planning our long-term strategy. However, it would be difficult to agree with the claim that the threats outweigh the opportunities which we are intending to make use of in the coming months.

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Agricultural production made easier

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The Polish Senate put forward a bill legalizing small-scale production and sale of foodstuffs which would be tax free. If the law took force, many petty agricultural producers could leave the shadow economy zone.

The taxation law which is currently in force allows Polish farmers to remain exempt from paying the income tax as long as they sell only the agricultural products which are unprocessed. However, the craze for “real food from the countryside” has involved sharply increased supply. At various open air and specialized fairs, it is possible to purchase not only apples, carrots or potatoes, but also homemade cheese, bread and cold meats. Turnover of such market stalls is very small, thought, and the sellers usually choose not to abide by Polish law and not to pay tax on their profits.

Should the bill be voted in and accepted, the sale of homemade goods will be officially tax-free and legal. As a result, farmers will not fear tax office inquiries or deal with complicated bookkeeping. Another improvement will concern sanitary standards, as manufacturers of such whole foods will gain even more motivation to hone the quality of offered products.

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Investments of Grupa Azoty

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Grupa Azoty Board has announced that a long-term investment plan will be ready in autumn, which does not mean that no investments are in progress now. Three newly completed facilities were inaugurated in Puławy at the beginning of July, and more are being constructed. The Group is also becoming more involved in the search and excavation of resources.

New acquisitions

“PUŁAWY”, which is consistent in developing Agro Segment and striving to satisfy the expectations of the customers, is planing a takeover of Organika-Sarzyna from Grupa Kapitałowa Ciech. Through the acquisition of the Works, which are located in Podkarpackie voivodeship and specialize in pesticide manufacturing, the Company will be able to expand its product portfolio for farmers and plant cultivators.

Grupa Azoty has already initialed the agreement with the Treasury to take over a controlling stake in Siarkopol. As much as 60% of sulfur processed by Companies in the Group comes from Siarkopol!

A plan in the making

With such opportunities ahead, Grupa Azoty is preparing an investment plan including long-term objectives and tools for their fulfillment. It is the new, well-prepared development projects that will make the Group a leader on the domestic and international market.

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Cooperation of “PUŁAWY” and Marie Skłodowska-Curie University

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On June 21st 2013 an agreement of cooperation between our Works and Marie Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin (UMCS) was signed in Puławy.

The University was represented by the Provost, Professor Stanisław Michałowski. Azoty Group “PUŁAWY” was represented by Marian Rybak, the Vice Chairman of the Board, and Zenon Pokojski Ph. D., a Member of the Board.

The ceremony was also attended by Professor Ryszard Dębicki, the UMCS Vice Provost for Scientific Research and International Cooperation, Professor Cezary Możeński, the Chairman of the Board of Azoty Group “PUŁAWY” and Ryszard Bartczak, the Human Resources Division Manager.

Following the agreement, an engineering course in Technical Chemistry will be launched in Puławy. Moreover, the Company will cooperate with UMCS in organizing postgraduate courses for our staff, in order to raise the qualifications and competences of the team.

“PUŁAWY” made a commitment to organize student internship program for daily and weekend students, and attractive holiday job experience programs for the best. We will also assist and support students and Ph.D. students writing dissertations about our present activity.

We are also counting on close cooperation of scientist working at UMCS and “PUŁAWY” staff, particularly with developing new projects in the chemical and fertilizer sectors.

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Innovative use of waste

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Azoty Group “PUŁAWY” leads a new, innovative project connected with excavation of shale gas about to start in Poland. In cooperation with Lublin companies and regional universities, we are planning investment projects regarding the re-cultivation of soil from gas wells.

Cooperation of “PUŁAWY” with scientists

Relations between commercial companies and the scientific world are rarely easy and clear-cut. However, our experience of cooperation between scientific institutes, universities and enterprises shows that it is worthwhile to work together at innovative and groundbreaking ideas and projects that prove beneficial to both parties. Another lesson we have learned is as follows: allocating big budgets for innovation is easy, but it only makes sense if the funds serve projects which are likely to become implemented, those which contribute to the value of the organization.

Progress of Blue Gas Program

We are currently conducting a project of creating a new product out of industrial waste from our plant for biological treatment of waste, as well as waste produced by “Kruszywa Niemce” company. The aim is to manufacture a highly useful product, therefore the preparations to the project under the Blue Gas Program are in full swing.

Innovative edge of our initiative is that the product manufactured from waste may be used on the spot. Consequently, we save on transportation cost and consumption of water during test borehole drilling. There is also another possibility of utilizing the materials used in the drilling procedures. The project is thus producing synergistic effects, resulting from a combination of two kinds of industrial waste to create a usable and useful product.

Soil degradation

Ensuring that the areas where gas excavation took place are re-cultivated in a rational manner is our primary objective. The product which we are intending to create may be used also in locations where land degradation occurs. 5th or 6th grade soil is going to be modified so as to become valuable for agricultural purposes and other uses.

Cooperation of various entities

The initiative came from Zygmunt Kwiatkowski, the CEO of “Kruszywa Niemce” Company. Remaining participants are our Works, Fertilizer Research Institute, Lublin University of Technology and University of Life Sciences in Lublin.

The project is of considerable value, amounting to 19 million PLN. Grant from the National Centre for Research and Development exceeds 11 million PLN, while the contribution of “PUŁAWY” is over 5 million. We are proud to say that no questions were voiced about our application. Therefore, the first stage may be hailed a success. Now the task is to use the 18 months available to prepare a product declared in the application. Success in this field will be a true victory.

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Investments guarantee growth

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“PUŁAWY” Company firmly believes in the above rule. Therefore, we are intent on continuing all activities which allow us to develop own manufacturing infrastructure and make production more efficient. As a result, we have become more competitive both on domestic and international market.

Building in Puławy

In the first half of 2012/13 financial year as many as 18 investment procedures were finalized on “PUŁAWY”. In another three, partial acceptances were given to stages worth 160 million PLN. Among those investments were activities aimed at improving the quality of production (new installations of technological lines, assembly of sensors and monitoring systems), at protecting the environment (construction of Installation for Desulfuring Exhaust Fumes and installation for drainage of residue from Biological Waste Treatment Plant) and at improving the quality of customer service (purchase and assembly of a line for printing on foil, bags and containers for RSM® sales network).

Activity in Gdańsk and Chorzów

Modernization activities were also made in “Fosfory” and “Azoty-Adipol”. In Gdańsk installations for the production of fertilizers and elements of ancillary infrastructure were modernized, and new machinery was bought. In Chorzów a project is in progress called ‘The construction of a plant for technical processing of animal fat and vegetable oils into distilled fatty acids and stearin with capacity of processing 16 000 tonnes of raw resources per year’. The investment budget in “Azoty-Adipol” reached 27,3 million PLN and the planned date of project completion and possible start-up of the plant is Q3 2013.

Our plans

“PUŁAWY” Company has many more plans than those mentioned. The company Board and Supervisory Board gave the go-ahead for another investment projects in the first half of 2012/13 financial year. 11 plans worth 172,5 million PLN in total were approved. General Meeting of Shareholders of “PUŁAWY” gave clearance for four investment projects whose value is 186,2 million PLN.

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