A virtual tour of Lublin Castle

| CSR |

FOTOGRAFIKA, a company from Lublin, cooperated with partners to publish “Virtual Tour of Saint Trinity Chapel in Lublin Castle”. Free copies of the publication were distributed in schools and cultural institutions in our voivodeship.

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Road investment projects in Lubelskie voivodeship

| Prospects & Investment |

Lublin County is planning to spend 43 million PLN on investment in 2015. The majority of projects concern road modernization. We need to remember about the construction of the Western bypass of Lublin, the second section of Puławy bypass, and 100-kilometer section of S17 road from Kurów towards Warsaw. Those are the primary plans for 2015.

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Development of “PUŁAWY” is based on intellectual capital

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“Intellectual capital” is a term which is appearing in more and more debates and discussions. Up until recently, we had acknowledged the existence of social capital, and human resources, but the terminology had only been becoming more vague. At present we ought to redefine human resources as the intellectual capital which is an asset of a given company or organization.

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