Science and business – opportunities and obstacles

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The 9th National PETROBIZNES Chemistry Fuels Gas Congress was held in Warsaw on October 2nd 2014. This year’s edition was dedicated to the strategies of Polish chemical companies in response to the current challenges posed by their presence on global markets. Professor Janusz Igras, the Deputy Director for Scientific Purposes of New Chemical Syntheses Institute in Puławy, participated in Innovations in the chemical industry discussion panel, which was organized as a part of “Chemical Market” session.

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Good climate for industry in Europe?

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The European Commission is intent on limiting carbon dioxide emissions, diligently fulfilling the commitments resulting from the Kyoto Protocol and other conventions on climate protection. At the same time, it is striving to boost the importance of the European manufacturing industry. Are these two EU policy goals compatible?

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PUŁAWY bet on knowledge

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The foundation of contemporary business practice is not only good market research, but also the ability to react to clients’ needs effectively. The same is true for the farmers, who need much more than just fertilizers. They require specialist knowledge concerning efficient agricultural practice.

Industry and science

Responding to customers’ needs, “PUŁAWY” Company established “PUŁAWY” Competences Center. The unique project combines business and science, and aims at creating and promotion of modern models of managing a farm, scientific novelties concerning fertilizing and efficient use of resources.

Among entities participating in the initiative are: Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Puławy Higher School, Marie Skłodowska-Curie University in Lublin, Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation as well as Fertilizers Research Institute, both from Puławy. Thanks to cooperation of those R&D institutes and “PUŁAWY”, it was possible to finalize such projects as:

a) Low-emission and environment-friendly system of fertilizing and sowing of corn called AZOMAIS. The project was co-financed by Polish National Research and Development Center as part of Applied Research Program (a grant of 4 million PLN).

b) Fertilizers and pesticides trade in sustainable farming – a post-graduate course for agricultural consultants – 1st edition.

c) Holding the 2nd edition of “Science, Business, Agriculture” conference.

Professional agricultural counseling and other initiatives for the farmers are the main objectives for “PUŁAWY” Competences Center. The initiative combines various potentials and areas of experience, so as to achieve synergistic effect, leading to development of knowledge-based farming.

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Melamine from Puławy remains a hit

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Thanks to good location and excellent economic situation, Pulawy Company reap various benefits from the production of melamine. Those factors make it possible for the company to strengthen its prominent position on the market, that of the third producer of melamine in the world.

What is melamine used for?

Melamine is used for the production of synthetic resins, which are used for the manufacturing of ornamental laminates, wood-panels, glues, paints and polishes. Also, it is used in textile, automotive and electrical industries and home appliances.

The situation in the business

As a result of falling market supply, the prices of melamine increased at the end of 2012. Among the factors contributing to lower supply was a problem of the competition with returning to full production capacities and, in the case of another company which manufactures melamine, failure to use all powers of a new installation. Currently a ton of the substance costs around 1450 EUR per ton, which we in “PUŁAWY” consider a good price. At the moment about 30% of the melamine produced by “PUŁAWY” hits domestic market, and the rest is exported to European countries.

Good neighborhood is the basis

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Excellent location of the enterprise is crucial for its success at selling melamine. Pulawy Company are based in Central-Eastern Europe, where wood-related industries, including furniture and construction, are based. Companies in those businesses require both melamine and urea, which they buy from “PUŁAWY” as a set. Thanks to comprehensive supplies to such clients, our company is able to establish long-term economic relations, benefit from a stable market and leverage the favorable geographical location.

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Appreciation for the consolidation

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A merger of Pulawy Company and Azoty Tarnów is a game changer regarding the position of Polish chemical companies on the global market. The consolidation, which paves the way for becoming even more competitive in the business, has been awarded “The one who transforms Polish business 2012” prize. The award was handed to Paweł Jarczewski of “PUŁAWY” and Jerzy Marciniak from Azoty Tarnów.

The journalists from “Nowy Przemysł” magazine, website and their editor, Grupa PTWP, named the enterprises which transform the Polish economy, at the same time strengthening the position of Polish industry on the international arena. In this year’s edition, the nominations were suggested by Internet users. Out of all the nominations, the editors shortlisted 20 most interesting proposals. Next, an online voting was held on, and in the end the journalists selected the winners.

Persistence in the pursuit of goals, proved by taking bold decisions, is one of the criteria in naming the winners of the competition. By deciding to merge and operate as one body on the Great Chemical Synthesis market, “PUŁAWY” and Azoty Tarnów not only fulfilled this criterion, but also set an example to follow for other enterprises. Following the merger, both companies now in Azoty Group will become an even stronger player on the domestic and international market.

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