“PUŁAWY” for the sick and for teens

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Corporate Social Responsibility activities are among the pillars of the functioning of Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” in its local environment. We have finalized two major CSR projects in recent weeks.

Heart pacemakers have arrived

In late November, a modernized part of Cardiology Ward, including an Electrophysiology Lab, was opened in Puławy Regional Hospital. Following the renovation, there are now more beds in the hospital. The most important development, however, is the possibility to implant heart pacemakers on the spot, while previously patients requiring such surgery needed to travel to Lublin for the treatment. The purchase of requisite equipment was co-financed by Puławy county authorities and “PUŁAWY” company. The cost of the renovation was covered from EU funds.

More visible on the way to school

At the beginning of December, “PUŁAWY” representatives and Puławy Region Police Station signed a cooperation agreement concerning the safety of children on the roads. The program is a follow-up of a similar project targeted at preschool and primary school pupils last year. In the coming year “PUŁAWY” will pay for the protective items for individuals (reflective vests, bands and lights) and for educational materials. The Police Station will invite teens to training sessions about the safe use of roads.

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