Responsible “PUŁAWY”

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Azoty Group “PUŁAWY”, a member of Fertilizers Europe, an association of leading fertilizer manufacturers, is keen on the ideas of sustainable development and responsible business. Accordingly, since 2008 the company has been implementing a program called “Product Care”.

Betting on quality

“Product Care” is a comprehensive tool for monitoring of the whole process of production and product distribution. The program is based on international standards and laws regarding quality. Consequently, the members of Fertilizers Europe, including Azoty Group “PUŁAWY”, are leaders in the field of responsible production of fertilizers.

Responsible “Care” in “PUŁAWY”

The decision to implement the program was an important step in the functioning of the enterprise. “Product Care” obliges “PUŁAWY” to guarantee that the whole process of manufacturing fertilizers, from the moment of gaining resources and components to the distribution of the finished product needs to be neutral for the safety and health of people and the environment.

Accountability confirmed

Participants of “Product Care” program are also subject to certification of the quality of their activities. The first audit in “PUŁAWY” took place in 2008. It was conducted by SGS and resulted in granting of a certificate. Latest audit was done in 2011 by Det Norske Veritas and brought an equally positive result. Experts from Norway confirmed that Azoty Group “PUŁAWY” fulfills all rules of “Product Care” program and all its guidelines have been implemented by the company.

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Our representatives in Fertilizers Europe

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Vice-President of the Board of Azoty Group PUŁAWY PLC Andrzej Skolmowski and Member of the Board of Azoty Group PUŁAWY Marek Kapłucha have joined the board of Fertilizers Europe (FE), the association of European fertilizer industry. Both have been elected for a two-year term.

Responsible functions

Following a decision taken last week by the General Meeting of Fertilizers Europe, Marek Kapłucha took over as Vice-President of Fertilizers Europe. Mr Kapłucha has already worked as the Chairman of Trade and Economic Committee FE. Mr Andrzej Skolmowski assumed the post of the Vice-Chairman of Statistics Committee.

During the previous term of Fertilizers Europe management, the company was represented by Paweł Jarczewski, the current President of the Board of Azoty Group and the former President of the Board of Azoty Group “PUŁAWY”.

New challenges, new opportunities

The priorities of FE are education and finding solutions to problems connected with manufacturing and application of fertilizers, and their influence on the health of EU inhabitants, as well as on the neutral environment. Moreover, the organization monitors the functioning of EU fertilizer market, and also represents the member companies internationally and in relations with the European Commission.

Thanks to the inclusion of Azoty Group representatives in the organization, the two will have an opportunity to influence the decisions of FE, to cooperate with other enterprises from the sector and to participate in shaping the European fertilizers industry.

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In Puławy about agriculture

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On initiative of “PUŁAWY” Competences Center, “Science, Business, Agriculture” Conference was held in Puławy Higher School in November 2012. The meeting provided a good opportunity to interact for representatives of three sectors and to discuss topics which they found interesting.

Important issues

A number of discussion panels were organized during the conference. The attending representatives of business, agricultural and scientific worlds were able to concentrate on such topics as agricultural environment based on Common Agricultural Policy and sustainable management of fertilizer application. An important part of the meeting in Puławy was the presentation of the e-commerce platform implemented by Azoty Group PUŁAWY. The website is not only an online shop, but also a database providing information about products and their application. Thanks to this solution, the company may distribute its goods and develop cooperation with clients through constant exchange of information.

Diverse and complementary group of participants

“Science, Business, Agriculture in a New Reality” Conference was attended by representatives of Azoty Group “PUŁAWY” and remaining members of Competences Center. Other delegates included employees of public administration, including ministers, R&D institutions, business associations, manufacturers of fertilizers, companies working with the farming sector, agricultural producers and the media. With such a diverse spectrum of sectors, the meeting was an excellent forum for exchange of experience and an opportunity of making new contacts. One of the important conclusions from the conference is the necessity to popularize information about Common Agricultural Policy, and about effective and efficient fertilizing methods.

The Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Fertilizers Europe Association were honorary patrons of “Science, Business, Agriculture in a New Reality” Conference. Farmer Media House managed the press coverage of the event.

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Scientific Council of “PUŁAWY” Competences Center

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Another meeting of the Scientific Council of “PUŁAWY” Competences Center was held on May 22nd 2013. One of the topics was the content of the speech at “Fertilizers and Nutrients for Growth” European Fertilizers Forum organized by Fertilizers Europe in Brussels.

Future perspectives

In the opinion of the Members of the Scientific Council of the Center, the stance on the matter ought to follow the premises of “EUROPE 2020” Strategy. The European Commission points at the need to “increase the efficiency and competitiveness of EU agriculture, increase the effectiveness of using resources with lower consumption of water, energy, fertilizers (mainly P and N) as well as pesticides”. However, FAO forecasts that demand for food will have increased by 70% to 2050. It is therefore indispensable to research and implement technologies of rational use of fertilizers with a view to optimize the use of natural resources and energy. At the same time, we need to protect the competitive edge of EU economy using the following tools:

• creating legal and financial instruments for leveling the economic differences between EU regions as well as acquiring and use of resources for fertilizer production,

• maintaining the capacities of fertilizer production so as to secure resources necessary for food manufacturing,

• focusing the development of the production of fertilizers and fertilizing systems on innovative, knowledge-based solutions.

How to support Polish agriculture?

Members of the Council agreed that during conversations with EU partners we ought to emphasize the specific soil and climatic conditions in Poland. It is essential to strive for the launch of instruments supporting Polish agriculture, such as subsidies for de-acidification of soil and liming.

Efficient fertilizing

World population continues to grow. It is forecast to reach 9 billion in 2050, while the acreage of arable land will not have increased. Rational use of water and nitrogen is of prime importance. In Poland the consumption of those elements ought to be increased. Auxiliary elements, such as potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, also have an impact on efficiency. Rational use of those ingredients needs to be secured. The demand for nutrients in key stages of growth of the plant in the critical stage of growth ought to be specified precisely.

Climate change and the natural environment

More frequent extreme weather phenomena and poor use of nourishing elements in fertilizers, as well as related environmental concerns necessitate changes of fertilizing technology. A solution might be direct application of fertilizers into the soil during sowing, with progressive, gradual release of nutrients in the period of vegetation.

A number of other issues was discussed:

• The worst soils ought not to be cultivated anymore,

• Content of humus in the soil needs to be increased, e.g. by incorporation of biomass, which is the best method of carbon sequestration in the soil,

• Qualifications and skills of agricultural managers should be stressed more frequently,

• Resources form waste ought to be recycled and reused efficiently,

• In the opinion of Polish scientists, production of renewable energy, and mass shift towards energy crops is very dangerous. The role of biomass in energy production cannot be overestimated.

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New Chairman of Azoty Group

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By the decision of the Supervisory Board of Azoty Group, as of beginning of May 2013 Paweł Jarczewski assumed the position of the Chairman of the Board of Azoty Group.

An old hand

Paweł Jarczewski possesses considerable experience in working for the Great Chemical Synthesis sector. He has been connected with Azoty Group “PUŁAWY” since 1999, and for the last five years he has worked as the Chairman of the Board. During his term in office, the company took over chemical works in Gdańsk and Chorzów, extending its offer as well as manufacturing base, and gaining new markets.

During Mr Jarczewski’s term in office, “PUŁAWY” initiated and finished numerous investment projects. Completion of Ammonia-Urea Oxygen Plant (Tlenownia-Amoniak-Mocznik) serves as a good example. The installation improved the output capacity of the factory in Puławy and improved its efficiency. Another investment prepared during Mr Jarczewski’s term was the project of “PUŁAWY” Power Plant, a construction of a new combined cycle power plant in cooperation with PGE.

Involved in the development of new chemistry

Experience and competences of the new Chairman of the Board of Azoty Group are known internationally. Mr Jarczewski belongs to various bodies gathering experts and specialists from the chemical sector and industry in general. Since 2011 he has been the Vice President of Fertilizers Europe, a European association of fertilizers manufacturers.

He is also a member of Lubelskie Voivodeship Innovations Council, of Marie Curie-Skłodowska University Convention and of Lublin University of Technology Convention.

In charge of a team

Consolidation with Azoty Group, which took place at the beginning of 2013, was a momentous step for “PUŁAWY”. Second largest fertilizer corporation in Europe was created, a company with impressive portfolio and a strong position on international markets.

As of now, Paweł Jarczewski is no longer the manager of “PUŁAWY” Company, but becomes the top manager of the whole Group. We wish the new Chairman all the best in his new post.

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Marketing PUŁAWY in the right way

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Our success stems from activity in a number of areas. However, it is the marketing policy which deserves a special mention. Marketing tools are targeted at both the present and the future clients of “PUŁAWY” Company.

Firstly: a recognizable brand

The primary communication task of our enterprise is imprinting the “PUŁAWY” brand in the minds of businesspeople and the general public. This goal may be achieved thanks to various marketing strategies. For instance, we issue a specialist magazine called “Agrolider”, which publishes findings of local agricultural research institutes. We also organize many conferences and meetings summing up the cooperation in fertilizers and chemical sectors.


Secondly: distribution

Producing goods attractive for the customers and publicizing the brand is not enough, however. Another essential task is making sure the products are actually available to buy in convenient locations for the client. This is possible thanks to our extensive distribution chain. Its participants boast specialized infrastructure, experience and are trusted by the end users. “PUŁAWY” cooperate with reliable distributors who guarantee professional and timely service.


Thirdly: working for the brand

Yet another premise of our marketing policy is the activity in areas not directly related to manufacturing and selling of goods. Due to this reason, “PUŁAWY has got its representatives in such international organizations as Fertilizers Europe, The European Petrochemical Association, Eidgenössische Materialprüfungs- und Forschungsanstalt, The International Fertilizer Industry Association, Nylon-6 Promotional Group and European Chemical Industry Council. As a result, “PUŁAWY” are constantly gaining more business know-how, allowing us to promote the company’s activity and participate in initiatives concerning international trade. We may this continue improving the quality of our services, which brings positive result, and those mainly benefit the client.

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