Breakthrough innovations fuel economic growth

| Prospects & Investment |

A report published by World Intellectual Property Organization was summed up with a clear message: technological innovation is indispensable for the development of the economy. It suffices to take into consideration the consequences of such inventions as antibiotics, planes, or semi-conductors used to produce computer processors.

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Recovered water

| Enviromental Protection |

We have written about scientists from Vermont, who have prepared the method of sourcing substances useful in the production of fertilizers from human urine. Their colleagues from University of Michigan launched a research project aiming at re-using of substances contained in manure.

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Global changes in agriculture

| Foreign Markets |

37% of the world’s population makes a living working in agriculture, which is defined as cultivating farmland, fishing, forestry and hunting. This proportion has fallen by 12% since 1980, when almost 50% of people on Earth found employment in agriculture, while the other half of the population worked in other sectors of the economy.

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The world needs fertilizers

| Foreign Markets |

According to a forecast by the Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics, the consumption of mineral fertilizers in 2012/13 will be higher than in the preceding season. This is good news, in particular for Azoty Group “PUŁAWY”.

Conclusions of the Institute suggest that global increase of the use of fertilizers in previous year (2011/2012) was 2.4% higher than in 2010/2011 and reached 177,000,000 tonnes of pure fertilizing agent. The growth was due to low prices of the produce on global markets and growing demand in developing countries.

If we take into account the fact that “PUŁAWY” constitutes a part of Azoty Group, the second largest manufacturer of fertilizers in Europe, the optimistic forecast marks an opportunity to expand distribution of our products in new markets. Thanks to good use of current, favorable trends in the sector, “PUŁAWY” stands a good chance to produce a profit in the current financial year.

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S12 to PUŁAWY?

| About Us |

An intensive expansion of expressways and highways has been happening for a few years now, also in Lublin region. We have been inquiring whether Puławy will also benefit from the long-term plans of development of road infrastructure in Poland.

New roads in Lublin region

In September 2013 a tender is expected to be announced for the construction of the new stage of expressway S17, on Kurów – Warsaw section. What we are keen on finding out, however, is what about the roads to Puławy?

What about S12?

We are speaking about the second phase of the construction of Puławy bypass, a road connecting Kurów West Hub with the new bridge on Vistula river and an existing fragment of the bypass road. The extension, in combination with the aforementioned expressway S17, will not only provide Puławy with good road access to Warsaw, but also to Lublin and the neighboring airport. This is absolutely crucial for Azoty Group “PUŁAWY”. Upon gaining a convenient road connection, we may extend our distribution network, and simplify transportation with various parts of Poland and Europe.

What is the time perspective?

We have yet to hear confirmed information about further course of action regarding connection between S12 and S17. Despite the statements by the representatives of Parliamentary Commission for Infrastructure, that the investment is quite likely, there is no go-ahead from the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy. We need to be patient.

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