“Time of Innovation” Oil/Chemistry Conference

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Oil/Chemistry conference called “Time of Innovation” took place on December 9th in Warsaw. Grupa Azoty was the main partner of the event organized by Grupa PTWP S.A. The discussion panels were attended by Grupa Azoty representatives: Paweł Jarczewski, Krzysztof Jałosiński, Hubert Kamola, Paweł Bielski and a delegate of the partner institution, Janusz Igras from New Chemical Syntheses Institute.

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4th “Science – Business – Agriculture” Conference

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“Science-Business-Agriculture” Conference organized by PUŁAWY Competences Center was held on November 26th, 2014. It was the fourth event in the series. The Conference was attended by the representatives of scientific institutions and government agencies, agricultural manufacturers and the leaders of providing chemical products for the agricultural market.

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10th Petroleum/Chemistry Conference 2014

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The 10th “Petroleum/Chemistry” Conference 2014 was held on December 10th, 2014 in Warsaw. The event was attended by the delegates from the largest enterprises in the oil and chemical businesses. Our Works were represented by Zenon Pokojski Ph.D., the Vice Chairman of Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe “Puławy”.

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In Puławy about agriculture

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On initiative of “PUŁAWY” Competences Center, “Science, Business, Agriculture” Conference was held in Puławy Higher School in November 2012. The meeting provided a good opportunity to interact for representatives of three sectors and to discuss topics which they found interesting.

Important issues

A number of discussion panels were organized during the conference. The attending representatives of business, agricultural and scientific worlds were able to concentrate on such topics as agricultural environment based on Common Agricultural Policy and sustainable management of fertilizer application. An important part of the meeting in Puławy was the presentation of the e-commerce platform implemented by Azoty Group PUŁAWY. The website is not only an online shop, but also a database providing information about products and their application. Thanks to this solution, the company may distribute its goods and develop cooperation with clients through constant exchange of information.

Diverse and complementary group of participants

“Science, Business, Agriculture in a New Reality” Conference was attended by representatives of Azoty Group “PUŁAWY” and remaining members of Competences Center. Other delegates included employees of public administration, including ministers, R&D institutions, business associations, manufacturers of fertilizers, companies working with the farming sector, agricultural producers and the media. With such a diverse spectrum of sectors, the meeting was an excellent forum for exchange of experience and an opportunity of making new contacts. One of the important conclusions from the conference is the necessity to popularize information about Common Agricultural Policy, and about effective and efficient fertilizing methods.

The Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Fertilizers Europe Association were honorary patrons of “Science, Business, Agriculture in a New Reality” Conference. Farmer Media House managed the press coverage of the event.

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‘IT and Business’ in “PUŁAWY”

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“IT for Business Forum” was held in Puławy on March 12th. The conference was meant to create an opportunity for exchanging experience and presenting knowledge about IT and latest technologies used in the world of business.

IT systems are indispensable

It is currently impossible for any enterprise, and for a manufacturing company in particular, to do without adequate IT solutions supporting effective process management. Consequently, “PUŁAWY” are constantly developing new IT tools, which may be used in the company operations. The history of implementing a comprehensive IT system in “PUŁAWY” goes back to 2007, when SAP was introduced. More software is continually being developed and added based on this solution.

Prize-winning e-commerce from “PUŁAWY”

One of the latest apps was the e-commerce platform implemented by “PUŁAWY. The software was awarded “Best of the Most Interesting” title at the latest Changing Polish Business Forum. Application of the system brought our company numerous benefits. The e-commerce platform is far more than an online shop, it is first and foremost a reference database about our products and their application, indispensable for the end users. The solution also facilitates tracking deliveries, monitoring the level of stock and makes it easier to settle payments and submit complaints. From October 2012 till the end of that calendar year, 7,125,000 orders were serviced, and 208,832 tonnes of fertilizers sold.

“PUŁAWY” in the lead

Due to the mentioned solutions, new ones being planned and implemented and the great interest of end clients in our systems for online cooperation, “PUŁAWY” is one of the most advanced Polish chemical companies when it comes to IT systems. Meetings such as “IT for Business Forum” serve as an excellent opportunity for exchange of experience between operators from various fields, allowing for sharing know-how and finding out about new IT tools. This year’s forum was attended by representatives of such companies as Asseco, Comarch, IBM, S&T Services, BCC, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and QUMAK.

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Marketing PUŁAWY in the right way

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Our success stems from activity in a number of areas. However, it is the marketing policy which deserves a special mention. Marketing tools are targeted at both the present and the future clients of “PUŁAWY” Company.

Firstly: a recognizable brand

The primary communication task of our enterprise is imprinting the “PUŁAWY” brand in the minds of businesspeople and the general public. This goal may be achieved thanks to various marketing strategies. For instance, we issue a specialist magazine called “Agrolider”, which publishes findings of local agricultural research institutes. We also organize many conferences and meetings summing up the cooperation in fertilizers and chemical sectors.


Secondly: distribution

Producing goods attractive for the customers and publicizing the brand is not enough, however. Another essential task is making sure the products are actually available to buy in convenient locations for the client. This is possible thanks to our extensive distribution chain. Its participants boast specialized infrastructure, experience and are trusted by the end users. “PUŁAWY” cooperate with reliable distributors who guarantee professional and timely service.


Thirdly: working for the brand

Yet another premise of our marketing policy is the activity in areas not directly related to manufacturing and selling of goods. Due to this reason, “PUŁAWY has got its representatives in such international organizations as Fertilizers Europe, The European Petrochemical Association, Eidgenössische Materialprüfungs- und Forschungsanstalt, The International Fertilizer Industry Association, Nylon-6 Promotional Group and European Chemical Industry Council. As a result, “PUŁAWY” are constantly gaining more business know-how, allowing us to promote the company’s activity and participate in initiatives concerning international trade. We may this continue improving the quality of our services, which brings positive result, and those mainly benefit the client.

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