Wielkopolskie, the farming voivodeship

| Polish Market |

Wielkopolskie is a region commonly associated with farming, and for a reason! The local tradition of agricultural production goes back centuries and makes the region stand out in a number of categories concerning livestock keeping and cultivation of plants.

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Priorities for the new European Parliament

| Foreign Markets |

Apart from organizational tasks, such as electing Members to the most important positions in the European Parliament, and appointing the European Commission, the new Members of the European Parliament face important challenges regarding energy policy and environmental protection.

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“PUŁAWY” vs current market trends

| Prospects & Investment |

Despite noticeable influence of global economic recession and a fall in industrial production in Poland, “PUŁAWY” Capital Group is still intent on following a policy which might be described by the slogan “Power of Growth”.

Money does not give satisfaction… but shopping does!

The old rule of market trading, which encourages to buy while others sell, is perfectly applicable in our case. “PUŁAWY” CG is trying to follow the model which proved correct on the international scale: building one’s own manufacturing infrastructure from scratch has been replaced by taking over enterprises in poorer financial situation. However, the companies worth purchasing need also possess such assets as suitable potential and a network of business contacts. In accordance with this approach, “PUŁAWY” CG took over “Azoty – Adipol” from Chorzów and Gdańskie Zakłady Nawozów Fosforowych “Fosfory”. The transactions increased the offer of the Capital Group and made us mode competitive on the market.

“PUŁAWY” keep developing

Apart from the policy of takeovers, “PUŁAWY” do not give up on expanding their own manufacturing potential. An installation for desulfuring exhaust fumes, ammonia stockage construction and new plant for the production of solid and liquid fertilizers are only some of the investments which will enable the Capital Group to gain even more market share. Investing in takeovers and alliances as well as expanding production capacity are not all, however. The newly founded Competences Center is a forum for sharing knowledge about agricultural production. The organization connects the experience of companies, research institutes and NGOs. It answers the current needs of fertilizers sector and the farmers.

Development as a recipe for crisis

Following the challenge in “Power of Growth” slogan “PUŁAWY” are not only taking care of the well-being of their clients, but also of the shareholders. Our objective is to continue increasing company value regardless of hard economic times. Owing to consolidation with other companies and continuous expansion of product portfolio, the Capital Group may move up from a regional leader in Central Eastern Europe to a leader on the whole continent, or even in the world. We are aiming at becoming an enterprise which not only offers a wide range of services and goods, but is first and foremost responsive to clients’ needs.

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