Back-to-School sets distributed by Grupa Azoty

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The Leader of Polish Distribution is a campaign in which children from 91 schools in the countryside received Back-to-School packages from Grupa Azoty via companies distributing Grupa Azoty products. In mid-September, as many as 9,100 pupils collected the boxes, which will be useful in the new semester.

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“PUŁAWY” teaches kids about protecting the environment

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The 10th edition of “A Tree for a Bottle” competition is about to come to an end. The event has been organized annually since 2003 and forms a part of Responsible Care Program. The key target of the project is increasing environmental awareness among children, who receive tree seedlings in return for plastic bottles they have collected.

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“PUŁAWY” for the sick and for teens

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Corporate Social Responsibility activities are among the pillars of the functioning of Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” in its local environment. We have finalized two major CSR projects in recent weeks.

Heart pacemakers have arrived

In late November, a modernized part of Cardiology Ward, including an Electrophysiology Lab, was opened in Puławy Regional Hospital. Following the renovation, there are now more beds in the hospital. The most important development, however, is the possibility to implant heart pacemakers on the spot, while previously patients requiring such surgery needed to travel to Lublin for the treatment. The purchase of requisite equipment was co-financed by Puławy county authorities and “PUŁAWY” company. The cost of the renovation was covered from EU funds.

More visible on the way to school

At the beginning of December, “PUŁAWY” representatives and Puławy Region Police Station signed a cooperation agreement concerning the safety of children on the roads. The program is a follow-up of a similar project targeted at preschool and primary school pupils last year. In the coming year “PUŁAWY” will pay for the protective items for individuals (reflective vests, bands and lights) and for educational materials. The Police Station will invite teens to training sessions about the safe use of roads.

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Budding artists proved talented

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In early December, the winners of the 5th Art Competition “Chemistry in agriculture” were selected. Only pupils from grades 1-3 of primary schools in the countryside were eligible to participate in the contest. The laureates received material prizes, but they will also feel appreciated in that their works will be used in the preparation of calendars and postcards our Company sends to its business partners.

Fostering creativity

Using the help of our distribution partners all over the country, we invited kids from as many as 150 village schools in Poland to participate in the competition. The pupils prepared art works on such topics as agriculture, as well as the use of fertilizers and pesticides. The submitted works were very varied when it comes to style, technique and creativity of the young artists, said Magdalena Niski, the Marketing Director in “PUŁAWY” company, and the person behind the idea of the competition.

Budding artists proved talentedThe best were awarded

The jury chose the following schools as the best: Primary School in Koźle, Adam Mickiewicz Primary School in Żyrzyn and Wincenty Witos Primary School in Łowce. The prizes in Schools Category were 5000 PLN, 3000 PLN and 2000 PLN respectively. The funds will be used for the purchase of educational materials. Also, 28 individual works were picked as the best, and further 39 obtained honorary mentions. The laureates of the Individual Category received material prizes.

What is the role of chemistry in agriculture?

The competition is an excellent incentive for kids to pursue their talent in art. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to gain knowledge about pesticides and fertilizers and their use in farming. As a result, participants become more familiar with the activity of Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY”.

Fertilizers are an important topic for the parents and neighbors of pupils taking part in the competition. This project aimed at encouraging the youth to take interest in the science and industry of fertilizers manufacturing and application. A primary school pupil who joins the contest is encouraged to ask parents about the role of chemical products in the work on the farm. As a result, we shape awareness of the importance of fertilizers in contemporary food production, and, at the same time, their influence on our daily lives.

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Trees for bottles

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On May 10th the final of “A Tree for a Bottle” competition was organized in Puławy Science and Technology Park. It was the 9th edition of the event organized by Azoty Group PUŁAWY. Over 700,000 PET bottles had been collected, which meant that 211 new trees could be planted this year. If all editions of the competition are taken into consideration, over 2 thousand trees have already been planted in Puławy district.

The youth protect the environment

As in the previous year, the competition was targeted at primary school pupils from Puławy district. 1,664 kids from 15 schools participated in “A Tree for a Bottle”, collecting an average of 497.4 bottles per person. Groups and pupils with the best results received prizes and gifts sponsored by the organizers. This year the best result was achieved by Krystian Pyra from Gołąb Primary School. He collected as many as 49,500 bottles. He thus raised the stakes in the competition, beating Arkadiusz Grądziel, who collected 46,453 bottles in 2012.

Together for “A Tree for a Bottle”

This year’s competition, apart from Azoty Group PUŁAWY acting as a representative of Responsible Care Program, was organized by District Office in Puławy and Department of Communal Services in Puławy. PET containers were collected not only by the pupils, but also their families and friends, which made it possible to involve local communities to participate.

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Collect bottles, plant trees

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“A Tree for a Bottle”® is a campaign initiated by chemical companies participating in “Responsibility and Trust” Program. The objective is to encourage local communities to take part in pro-environmental activities by collecting plastic bottles. “PUŁAWY” has been participating in the initiative.

Less litter, more greenery

The participants are local communities and activities are coordinated by companies situated in each area. The collected pieces of PET packaging are recycled. In return, the inhabitants are given small trees, which are planted, making the local area prettier and serving as a symbol of involvement in pro-environmental activity. Up to now, during nine editions of “A Tree for a Bottle”® campaign, Polish teens have collected nearly 13 million bottles. In this period as many as 18.500 trees were planted! The main target group of the project are pupils, who are easily encouraged to cooperate in activities leading to a better tomorrow.

Record-breaking cleaners
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In 2012, in order to move beyond the local area, “PUŁAWY” as a regional coordinator of the event proposed to modify the formula of the campaign. Schools from the whole Puławy County were invited to participate. The record in individual collection went to Arkadiusz Grądziel, who picked over 46.000 bottles. The Primary School in Gołąb, where Grądziel is a pupil, also left the competition behind. It took the first position with almost 248.000 bottles collected.

In the spring, namely in March and April “A Tree for a Bottle”® 2013 collection shall begin. Last year Pulawy Company gave the participants as many as 400 new trees! How many are there going to be this year?

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Chemists catch a hare

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The 7th edition of a photography competition “Catch a Hare” has been announced. The contest is organized among employees of 19 chemical companies and, for the first time, their children as well. Pulawy Company is one of the partners of the event.

Cameras at the ready!

The idea of the competition is to make it possible for staff and their kids to discover the beauty of the natural world, to capture it and share their findings with others by showing pictures taken outdoors. What is more, the tasks are an excellent opportunity for integrating the staff and looking at how nature is perceived by people working in one business, but in completely different positions. Until September 2013 employees from the companies which participate in “Responsibility and Trust” Program will use their camera lens to “catch a hare”. Among the participants are “PUŁAWY”. The company is represented by Grzegorz Sierocki, who won a honorable mention in last year’s competition.

Little photographers
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The first “Catch a Hare Junior Edition” contest has been launched. Teens will compete in three age categories: Grades 1-3, Grades 4-6 and Middle School Students. The task for the participants is to capture plants and animals in the most interesting, intriguing and unusual manner. After the “hunt” is complete, the photographs will be submitted to the local jury, which is to select the best pictures in three categories: Life of plants, Life of animals, Landscape and its elements. The lucky few will participate in the final, while the announcement of the results, also the results of an online voting, is planned on the 15th of October.

We wish the “hunters” good luck and a great time spent doing their hobby, relaxing outdoors and competing in a friendly atmosphere.

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