“Puławy” and “Tarnów” together

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The merger of two leading Polish chemical enterprises has already begun. After the merger of Companies in Puławy and in Tarnów, one of the biggest fertilizers-chemical companies in Europe will emerge, likely to become a major player on the global chemical market. A few steps towards the merger are yet to be taken, but the first decision has already been made: an agreement concerning the consolidation of Azoty Tarnów and “PUŁAWY” Company has been signed.

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Strategies of the chemical companies on the example of PULAWY

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Target groups of our products are two large segments of the economy: agriculture and chemistry. We want our products to give agricultural entrepreneures additional benefits and improved quality of their crops, while in the chemical industry we wish to increase competitiveness of the final products of our customers in the global market.

To achieve these objectives we have created a strategy that assumes transforming from a leading producer of nitrogen fertilizers and chemicals in the Central Europe into a strong chemical-fertilizer group, which will control the wide range of delivered products, at the same time being closer to its end customer.

Strategy 2007 – 2017

The strategy includes following actions:

a) Increasing scale of business activity through domestic and foreign mergers and acquisitions;

b) Developing product portfolio;

c) Diversification of resources connected with investments in Poland, as well as abroad;

d) Optimalization of resources used in the production, connected with changes and improvements within the organization.

According to the strategy, we constantly perform new investments, which result in the company’s growth, as well as in increased area and scope of activities, both at home and abroad. Thanks to the modernization of existing facilities and implementing new projects, we are able to increase our production capacity.

In our commitment to technology development we cooperate with Polish scientific institutions including: the national technical universities, research institutes and design offices. This enables us to promote innovative activities and projects using EU funds.

We also invest in ourselves. We are working on our organizational culture and building a professional image backed by the Public Relations and Investor Relations activities.

The PULAWY Group today and tomorrow

These actions has made us a leading manufacturer of urea, ammonium nitrate and UAN in Poland. The PULAWY Group is also a significant producer of ammonium sulfate fertilizer P and NPK. By 2017 we want to transform into a group providing products for agriculture, which means:

a) becoming a dominant producer of fertilizers in Poland by strengthening through alliances and acquisitions,

b) becoming a strong segment of the international market by diversifying the supply of raw materials,

c) becoming a national leader in the supply of the wide range of products for agriculture resulting from our Competence Centre,

d) becoming the group with strong distribution channels through project management / MBO / BSC

Based on a presentation by Dr. Zenon Pokojskiego “Strategies for chemical companies” presented at the VII National Congress PETROBIZNES – Oil Gas Chemistry.

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