Budding artists proved talented

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In early December, the winners of the 5th Art Competition “Chemistry in agriculture” were selected. Only pupils from grades 1-3 of primary schools in the countryside were eligible to participate in the contest. The laureates received material prizes, but they will also feel appreciated in that their works will be used in the preparation of calendars and postcards our Company sends to its business partners.

Fostering creativity

Using the help of our distribution partners all over the country, we invited kids from as many as 150 village schools in Poland to participate in the competition. The pupils prepared art works on such topics as agriculture, as well as the use of fertilizers and pesticides. The submitted works were very varied when it comes to style, technique and creativity of the young artists, said Magdalena Niski, the Marketing Director in “PUŁAWY” company, and the person behind the idea of the competition.

Budding artists proved talentedThe best were awarded

The jury chose the following schools as the best: Primary School in Koźle, Adam Mickiewicz Primary School in Żyrzyn and Wincenty Witos Primary School in Łowce. The prizes in Schools Category were 5000 PLN, 3000 PLN and 2000 PLN respectively. The funds will be used for the purchase of educational materials. Also, 28 individual works were picked as the best, and further 39 obtained honorary mentions. The laureates of the Individual Category received material prizes.

What is the role of chemistry in agriculture?

The competition is an excellent incentive for kids to pursue their talent in art. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to gain knowledge about pesticides and fertilizers and their use in farming. As a result, participants become more familiar with the activity of Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY”.

Fertilizers are an important topic for the parents and neighbors of pupils taking part in the competition. This project aimed at encouraging the youth to take interest in the science and industry of fertilizers manufacturing and application. A primary school pupil who joins the contest is encouraged to ask parents about the role of chemical products in the work on the farm. As a result, we shape awareness of the importance of fertilizers in contemporary food production, and, at the same time, their influence on our daily lives.

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