Impact of climate change

| Enviromental Protection |

Thinking of climate change, we tend to associate the topic with protests of environmental organizations or this year’s drought in Poland. However, the rising average temperature in the world and environmental degradation generate many more losses. Laos serves as an example of a country affected heavily by negative consequences of climate change.

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Taking care of food quality

| Foreign Markets |

The share of processed food in our daily diet is on the increase. Convenience foods require shorter preparation time, but they contain more additives, such as preservatives, emulsifiers, taste enhancers – the substances the food industry relies on heavily.

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Fertilizers gain importance

| Products |

The world population is growing, and new, more efficient methods of cultivation are increasingly sought after. Consequently, scientists and experts from all over the world are constantly interested in researching effective fertilization techniques.

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“Fosfory” support agriculture

| Uncategorized |

Gdańskie Zakłady Nawozów Fosforowych ”Fosfory” Sp. z o.o. boasts a tradition of over 100 years. I am particularly proud of to be taking the helm of the company at the time of its rapid development, and share this experience with the Readers of this blog.

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Knowledge helps understand modern agriculture

| Polish Market |

We do not follow the changes of global trends in order to balance the food market on various continents, but in order to manage the development of our business in the appropriate manner. It is necessary to react to market changes in an adequate way, to be able to adjust to them, or even create them.

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