Supporting Kisiel Award

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“PUŁAWY” Company is not all about Great Chemical Synthesis, fertilizers, caprolactam and melamine. The company is also an avid supporter of cultural initiatives, including Kisiel Award, which was set up by a composer, politician, journalist and writer Stefan Kisielewski.

The idea of the Award

Each year the Kisiel Award Jury chooses three persons – a politician, an entrepreneur and a journalist – whose achievements and activity follow the values professed by Kisielewski himself. Stefan Kisielewski established the prize in 1990 and awarded it by himself until he died. Next this task was taken over by a Chapter made up of the Award Winners and Jerzy Kisielewski, the son of the original founder. The initiative is also supported by “Wprost”, an opinion weekly for which “Kisiel used to write.

Winners in 2012

Last year “PUŁAWY” were one of the sponsors of the competition. Kisiel Award was given to Tomasz Żaboklicki, the chairman of the board of PESA S.A., a successful railway stock manufacturing company from Bydgoszcz, “for being on the correct track”. The Award for the journalist went to Joanna Solska-Czerska, who works for “Polityka” weekly and TOK FM radio, “for the penmanship and for making sense”. The Award for the politician was given to Tadeusz Mazowiecki, “for the strength of his quiet patriotism”. The Award ceremony was organized on 20th January in Warsaw University Library.

“PUŁAWY” congratulate the Winners and wish them the most judicious choices in the role of members of the Jury which they have just joined.