Shale gas hopes of the chemical sector

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The potential of commercial excavation of shale gas in Poland is looked into and the investments in this area are made on a large, unprecedented scale. The current situation regarding shale gas excavation is worth considering in more detail.

Over a hundred licenses have been granted and research is being made in all of them. Over 20 boreholes have been made and 40 more are planned. Gaining cheaper gas from domestic sources is of grave importance to the chemical sector. It might make us independent of external supplies, making manufacturing in Poland more competitive.

Shale gas hopes of the chemical sector/fot. freepik.comA great opportunity

The future of many spheres of the Polish economy relies on the success of current probes. Quick development of the whole sector connected to shale gas might transform the economic situation in our country. Should excavation on a massive scale begin, we shall gain substantial domestic fuel resources. From a country forced to import natural gas and crude oil, we shall become a major player on the global market. Not only will we be able to make use of the domestic gas deposits ourselves, but we may also export shale gas.

Poland is currently the European leader in the search of shale gas. By maximizing the benefits of the excavation of this resource, we hope to become the leader in the excavation technology. This would be the last step on the road to become an exporter of this fuel.

Shale gas hopes of the chemical sector/fot. freepik.comNew possibilities

Chemical companies will soon become one of the main beneficiaries of the excavation of shale gas. Technological progress related to the most promising source of energy in Poland will enable us to perfect the currently used solutions.

Our project of the erection of a combined cycle power plant is worth mentioning here. We hope that the completion of the construction of this plant in Pulawy shall coincide with the initiation of commercial extraction of shale gas in Poland. In this case, cheap Polish gas will be the fuel used in the power plant. In cooperation with Lublin universities and scientific institutes, we have also launched a project of creating a unit specializing in the recycling and regeneration of soil from the areas where shale gas has been excavated.

There is no doubt that shale gas will not only revolutionize the fuel sector, but it will also have an impact on the geopolitical situation in the region.