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The topic of extraction of fossil fuels from shale deposits arouses interest in the public opinion worldwide. The Americans paved the way for extraction on a massive scale, now it's Europe's turn.

More power!

Shale gas constituted 8% of total domestic extraction in the US as early as in 2007. By 2011, the percentage had risen by 375%. This was possible not only due to opening up new deposits of the resource, but also thanks to perfected methods of its extraction. What is the effect? According to Energy Information Administration, the mean price of gas in Henry Hub, the main market of gas sales, was 98 USD per 1000 m3 in 2012. The year before the average price was 142 USD, which means that it had been 45% higher.

eu/fot. photopin.comAt the European top

Poland remains the leader in shale deposits excavation in Europe. According to the latest information from the Ministry of Environment, 39 test boreholes have already been made, while three more are under construction. In March 2012 the National Geological Institute issued a report in which the deposits on the territory of Poland were estimated at 346–768 billion m³. The so-called “shale belt” is an area covering 37 thousand km2, located from Pomerania to Lublin region. The deposits in the North of Poland are the most promising, which explains why there is the highest concentration of boreholes.

Shales and the national interest


Currently about 75% of the natural gas consumed in Poland is imported from Russia. Excavation of this resource from domestic resources and operation of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal in Świnoujście would lead to diversification of the deliveries of the resource. The change is an opportunity not only to gain independence from the monopoly of Russian Gazprom, but also to produce cheaper and cleaner energy. As a result, new jobs will appear and the cost of natural gas ought to fall, boosting the innovative and competitive edge of Polish economy.

This information is equally important for the individual consumers in Poland and for great enterprises, especially the Great Chemical Synthesis companies, including “PUŁAWY”. Natural gas is a key resource in the manufacturing activity of our company. According to a report “Economic potential of shale gas production in Poland in 2012-2025” by Center for Social and Economic Research (CASE), thanks to production of gas from shale deposits in Poland in 2019-2025, the revenue for the budget may reach from 20 to 90 million PLN.