Seeking “Farmer of the Year 2013”

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A competition for “Farmer of the Year 2013” in Lubelskie voivodeship is being co-organized by “PUŁAWY”. The nominations have been collected for a few weeks, and there are only a few days left for sending new submissions.

Who is it for?

Our competition aims at presenting to the public farmers who manage modern farms, breed rare and wild species, farmers who are not afraid to take risks and continue developing their scope of activity. We would like to prove how many farmers there are who work hard to transform the face of the whole agricultural sector in our region.

Still waiting for submissions

The candidates for “Farmer of the Year 2013” Award may be suggested by website users and the readers of Dziennik Wschodni daily. The contest is open from June 14th to July 12th midday. To make a submission, fill in the form published in Dziennik Wschodni or print the form from THIS website and send it to the editor via post or by email, using this address: In your email, make sure that you attach the coupon – filled in, signed and scanned, as well as a photograph of your candidate. In the subject line, please write “Farmer of the Year 2013”.

If you use traditional post, send applications using this address: “Dziennik Wschodni”, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 54, 20–002 Lublin. Apart from the coupon you have filled in, send in a photograph of your candidate with their farm in the background and put “Farmer of the Year 2013” on the envelope.

Prizes are really worthwhile!

The winner will receive the first prize worth 10,000 PLN. “Farmer of the Year 2013” will be chosen in a voting via text messages. The voting will start on July 16th and finish at the end of August. The results will be announced right after the holiday period. Other participants with high score will be given material prizes, statuettes or diplomas.