RSM – the solution comes from “PUŁAWY”

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Urea-ammonium nitrate solution (RSM) is one of the most universal products in Agro segment of Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” market offer. RSM may be applied on all soils, and to fertilize cereals, canola, potatoes, maize, fruit and vegetables.

Three in one

RSM contains amide, ammonium and nitrate form of nitrogen – as many as three. Consequently, the fertilizer is active over a prolonged period of time and may provide nutrients for plants in the long term. The product is a solution with high levels of concentration: 28% N, 30% N and 32% N. Apart from different nitrogen content, the three solutions also have various temperature of crystallization and density.

RSM - the solution comes from Liquids act faster

Thanks to the form of aqueous solution, the nitrogen is absorbed by plants faster, while application via flooding or spraying ensures even distribution of RSM. The product may be used before sowing or during the cultivation of the crops. It is also excellent at the time of drought, bringing high efficiency of fertilization.

We also offer RSMS

Only 4% of Polish farmland has soil rich in sulphur, which is vital for the growth of many plans. The element also facilitates effective absorption and use of nitrogen provided in fertilizers. In order to supplement sulphur, “PUŁAWY” offers RSMS, the urea-ammonium nitrate solution with added sulphur in the easily absorbed, sulphate form.

RSM - the solution comes from Quality counts

Both RSM and RSMS are high quality products, produced in accordance with the 1st Regulation on Fertlizers (EC) no 2003/2003 of the European Parliament and Council from 13.09.2003. RSM also has the Compliance Certificate (Nawóz WE/EC Fertilizer) and “Q” quality tag.