RSM in demand

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Potassium nitrate-urea solution (RSM) is one of the most popular fertilizers manufactured by “PUŁAWY”. The main reason for its success is our strategy of offering good quality product at a competitive price.

How is that possible?

Combining both competitive advantages is possible thanks to high output capacity of “PUŁAWY” when it comes to the ingredients of RSM. Annual output of urea and potassium nitrate reaches 1.1 million tonnes per year. Consequently, the average price per ton is low, without compromising on the content of clear nitrogen in the product (levels of concentration available are 28%, 30% and 32%).

How does RSM work?

A combination of two forms of nitrogen: the quick-acting amide nitrogen and the slowly-activated ammonia nitrogen makes the fertilizer the most effective one in our climatic zone. Moreover, the solution may be easily applied and is quickly absorbed due to its liquid form. It does not require dissolving, as in the case of fertilizers in the form of granules.

RSM is a priority for “PUŁAWY”

Owing to the impressive production capacity of this fertilizer (3rd rank in Europe – 1.2 million tonnes per year), “PUŁAWY” are constantly conducting R&D projects to develop the product. Once the latest investments are finalized, the plant will be able to enrich liquid solution with sulfur of magnesium.

Quality, price and availability stemming from modern logistical solutions are not the only reasons for the growing demand for the product. Another factor is the spread of know-how done at training sessions for farmers run by “PUŁAWY” staff. We are active in training and educational projects by Fertilizer Research Institute and the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation.