Road safety is a priority for PUŁAWY

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Road safety is a popular topic in the public debate in our country. It turns out to be of importance in the workplace as well. Especially if we speak of staff transportation on the premises of such a large facility as Our Works.

The obligation to wear reflective elements of clothing came into force on August 31st as an element of the new Traffic code in Poland. As of that day, the pedestrians who walk outside the built-up area need to wear reflective clothing, or else they are subject to a fine of up to 500 PLN.

Light-reflecting safety vests have been distributed

At the end of July 2014, Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY launched a promotional campaign concerning road safety. Over a thousand reflective vests were distributed among the company staff. We decided to introduce a regulation that wearing such vest is an obligation for persons moving about the premises of the facility. The initiative aims at improving the safety on internal roads, and on the way to and from the workplace. People who declared they would be moving about the premises due to work duties were given reflective vests.

Positive feedback

The staff of PUŁAWY have responded with enthusiasm to the initiative. The vests have proven very useful at night, making the cyclist visible to the car driver even at a distance of 150 meters. To compare, a pedestrian who is not wearing reflective clothing at night is visible to the driver at 40 meters. Unfortunately, this may not give the driver enough time to avoid hitting the pedestrian.

Visible means safe

In spring, summer and autumn season, many members of staff get to work by bicycle. The vests help the drivers notice the cyclists in time to slow down.

The vests have a bright, greenish yellow color and reflective elements. The slogan on the vests says: I am visible, I am safe.